Flashback Friday

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Flashback Friday — Our Little Pumpkin

I looked up from the computer screen yesterday and realized fall had arrived. The leaves are turning crimson and gold, and some of them have begun their slow chasses to the ground. It’s my favorite time of year. We always had great fun ushering in the season when Catherine was small. So flashback 16 years, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Fair Assessment

Flashing back just a year, to the 2013 Greek festival at The Church of the Archangels in Stamford.   Yes, I got Catherine to pull server duty, even though it meant wearing the apron and hat. This is perhaps what her fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Schmidt, used to call a “blackmail picture.” We and many other … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — The College Girl

I’ll surely catch hell for this one, but flashback a year ago, to when we were college hunting. This photo was taken while we waited for a table in a restaurant after touring Salem State University in Massachusetts. Catherine is not quite the good sport about these things that Basil is, but no matter. Only … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Game of Telephone

Flashback to August 1997. Catherine was 16 months old, all squishy snuggles, full of wonder and curiosity, and already putting an active imagination to work. We were visiting my parents — a special treat for Catherine, especially since it meant a chance to play with Grandpa. Grandpa must have needed to “rest his eyes” for a … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Remembering Nick

Flashback today to 1988 and a belated birthday nod to my late father-in-law, Nick, who would have been 96 yesterday. These photos were taken at the Tod’s Point beach barbecue that marked Nick’s 70th birthday. It was a helluva day — a great gathering of family, friends and food, just the sort of thing that … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — First, Let me Take a Selfie

Today, selfies are all the rage, but Catherine didn’t wait for smartphones to be invented to start taking hers. Flashback to 2002 and one of Catherine’s first selfies. The camera was old-school. She couldn’t see her work until the CVS photo booth people worked their magic. No matter. She was in love with the camera even … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Tanks for the Memories

Flashback 16 years to 1998. This was the scene outside our house: After months of searching for a place we liked and could afford on combined journalist’s and postal supervisor’s salaries, after crunching numbers, saying goodbye to eating out and other luxuries, we were ready to move into our first house. Catherine was almost 3, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Otherwise Engaged

Flashback 21 years, many permanent waves and one unfortunate choice of eyeglass frames to February 1993. These pictures were a surprise — taken by John, a former co-worker of Basil’s who is also the brother of Ann, one of the women I played in the Port Chester High School band with. I met Ann at the … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Worth the Weight

The picture isn’t old, but the jeans are. Flashback 15 years to the last time Basil was able to put these pants on, button them and still be able to breathe. Yup, he’s down 27 pounds now and quite proud of himself, as he ought to be. Folks out in the world are starting to … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Sand and Surf

Flashback 12 years, to August 2003, when Catherine was 6 and we introduced her to Cape Cod. It’s a rare photo of all three of us, taken by a kind stranger on the beach at Chatham Light. Catherine also posed here earlier that day with a book so that in September she could show her … Continue reading