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Another year of wedded bliss

Give this guy a medal. For 23 years Basil has managed to stay married to me. It’s no picnic as those who know me can attest. I’m sarcastic, relentless … and have particular rules for things like how towels are folded. Yet, I’ve not managed to run him off yet. He’s the best possible partner, whether it’s … Continue reading

All grown up now

I blinked and 20 years flew by. Happy birthday to our daughter, Catherine! Here’s to two decades of love and laughter, and many more to come.      

Finding my father

Some people celebrate their 50th birthdays by jumping out of airplanes. I belatedly marked mine in a similarly adventurous way, minus the parachute and clouds zooming by: Yesterday, I met my natural father. I’m an adoptee. Three years ago I found my first mother and an extended family that welcomed me with open arms. Still, I had to know the … Continue reading

Catherine’s Excellent Adventure

Our 2016 is off to a bang, as Catherine left yesterday for a three-week study abroad in London, where she’ll take a literature class, see several plays, and do some exploring on her own. The experience has her way out of her comfort zone: It’s the first time she’s traveling abroad, the first time she’s … Continue reading

60 Years and Counting

Happy birthday to my terrific husband, Basil, who today turns 60! Basil’s birthday kicks off 12 months of milestone celebrations for the three of us (more on that coming soon) — but only if we can convince him to cede the floor. You see, we’ve been celebrating him all month, ramping up the festivities in recent … Continue reading

Put that in your pipe

We shut our house trap last week. It had succumbed to age, requiring a plumber’s help to unclog twice in four days. It had to go. Turns out the toilet draining itself dry without warning wasn’t a parlor trick after all. Nor did we need the original house trap any longer since all our sinks have … Continue reading

Happy birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday today to my beautiful mother — my sounding board, reality check and daily laugh. Love you, Mom!

22 years and counting

Happy anniversary to us! It’s been 22 years since we said “I do” on a rainy September day. The cliche was true — it’s (mostly!) been showers of happiness since. Below, some pictures from throughout the years.

Flashback Friday — Here we go again

A year ago we crammed the car full of things we never knew a person needed and made our way to Hofstra University, spent the day unpacking, putting furniture together, lugging books from the bookstore and getting Catherine settled in before being summarily dismissed by her. As in all things, history will repeat itself this weekend. For … Continue reading

A ride (or two) back in time

The weather was picture-perfect today, that ideal combination of summer sun and warm breeze that makes it a sin to be indoors. So out Basil, Catherine and I went, for a stroll down memory lane at Rye (NY) Playland, site of so many fun afternoons of our youth. It wound up being a walking tour. It started … Continue reading