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Back to the Garden: Our Afternoon of Peace and Music

We spent yesterday hanging out with a bunch of hippies, reliving Woodstock. It was a pilgrimage of sorts. Catherine was dying to see for herself what she’d heard and read about the seminal counterculture event. Basil has been dreaming about the concert for 46 years — ever since his father quashed his plans to go with … Continue reading

Then and Now — At the Zoo

Catherine has a bit of time before her summer camp counselor job starts, so when she’s not slowly putting away the dorm detritus that litters every room in our house, she’s having some adventures. One day last week, she and Basil decided to visit the Bronz Zoo, because, well, why not. Naturally, they had to … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Awkward Family Photos

Among the things I pass in the house every day is this bulletin board collection of photo-booth photos, showing the silly sides of Catherine and Basil. From left, see them in Seaside Heights, NJ on two subsequent summers; at the Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii; and the Long Island Aquarium. Their facial expressions never fail to make … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Warm Spell

All this winter weather has me thinking spring, especially with the forecast warning of single-digit wind chills starting tonight and more snow on the way Sunday. So naturally, I went searching for a Flashback photo that was just beachy. It’s Catherine, age 4, basking in the July sunshine at Tod’s Point, Greenwich. (No, I haven’t … Continue reading


Clearly the new normal thing is going to take time to get used to. Co-existing over Catherine’s winter break was like trying to do a dance we didn’t know the steps to. No one was able to teach us either. Now that she’s not quite a grownup, but no longer a kid, it all seems … Continue reading

Games Grown-ups Play

One of the fun things about having Catherine home for five weeks before spring semester begins at Hofstra is the chance to spend time with her as I go about my usual activities. On Saturday, I coerced her into doing the grocery shopping with me.   It wasn’t exactly quality time. My list was long (not … Continue reading

Snow Fun

Growing up, I lived next door to an alcoholic man who shoveled the leaves and raked the snow. (He did some other crazy things, too, but those are stories for another day.) Naturally, his antics provided for a bit of entertaining conversation in our house. This morning, if our neighbors were looking out their windows, … Continue reading

Basil, Terri, and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

Last week, I wrote about a little miscommunication that left me sitting outside a local watering hole waiting to pickup Basil when he already had the other car. Today’s post is a left-handed apology. On Saturday, you see, he had to bail me out. I left to teach Jazzercise at 7:45 am, as I always do, but … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!


Flashback Friday — Christmas past and present

Flashback 18 years today to Catherine’s very first Christmas. Naturally, we were much more excited about it than she was. While she napped, I ran to the gas station down the street, picked up a small tree and had Basil haul it into our little rented condo. Then at warp speed we strung the lights, … Continue reading