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Put that in your pipe

We shut our house trap last week. It had succumbed to age, requiring a plumber’s help to unclog twice in four days. It had to go. Turns out the toilet draining itself dry without warning wasn’t a parlor trick after all. Nor did we need the original house trap any longer since all our sinks have … Continue reading

Oh the things teenagers say…

Flashback today to simpler times, when there was no back-talk, smart remarks or lip. As I’ve noted in previous posts, this summer after freshman year of college is an adjustment for all three of us — almost as big a transition as was dropping Catherine off at Hofstra last August. We’ve each developed some new habits … Continue reading

Games Grown-ups Play

One of the fun things about having Catherine home for five weeks before spring semester begins at Hofstra is the chance to spend time with her as I go about my usual activities. On Saturday, I coerced her into doing the grocery shopping with me.   It wasn’t exactly quality time. My list was long (not … Continue reading

Basil, Terri, and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

Last week, I wrote about a little miscommunication that left me sitting outside a local watering hole waiting to pickup Basil when he already had the other car. Today’s post is a left-handed apology. On Saturday, you see, he had to bail me out. I left to teach Jazzercise at 7:45 am, as I always do, but … Continue reading

Airing our dirty linoleum

Some days I can’t help but feel I’ve failed in imparting some of the most integral lessons. Today is one of those days. We are not hosting Easter this year, but spending tomorrow with Basil’s family. I came home from teaching Jazzercise, put together an extra-large batch of stuffed mushrooms to bring, then ran out for some … Continue reading

Saturday washout

I had a set of plans for this dull, rainy Saturday. The universe had other ideas. Oh, I managed to teach Jazzercise, get the house cleaned and run to CVS. Then I thought I’d be REALLY smart and take the comforter to the laundromat instead of laying out a ton of money to have the cleaners … Continue reading

Never a Crossword

My husband is cheating. Oh, not in the way you might think. He’s taken to cheating on our shared crossword puzzles. In the past several months since the USPS “retired” him and I’ve been working entirely from home, we’ve fallen into a little game: I start the Sunday crossword, go great guns with it until … Continue reading

No prom queen here

As time goes by, I command less and less respect. Not sure if it’s one of those developmental milestones I once poured over or maybe just me, but Catherine pulls no punches in expressing her opinion. (I can tell that some of you think she came by this honestly and not from the Vanech side … Continue reading

‘S’ You, Too!

Once again, you can’t make this stuff up. I was at AAA in Stamford, CT, today to renew my driver’s license, looking to get a “verified” version with its extra-special star and identity protection. Except the bureaucrat there — I’ll call him “AAA Guy” — changed my identity. Yup; another set of bureaucrats in another … Continue reading

No meeting of the minds

Well, we threw a reunion committee meeting last night and (almost) no one came. Just me, John and his girlfriend, Kay — who had been to elementary school with us, and whose family later moved out of town. Not sure if it was just a bad night for planning or if this was a proverbial … Continue reading