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Sugar, spice and everything nice

It’s a tough crowd here in Havemeyer Park. Out for a quick pre-yoga class walk Monday night, I heel-toed it past a home in the neighborhood where some gardening was under way. A young mom was weeding under the watchful eye of her “supervisor,” a blond-haired magpie who looked to be about 3 years old. … Continue reading

A Dressing Down from my Salad Days

Last night offered a virtual walk down memory lane, with a former college professor and classmate posting some old photos of our days at Pace University’s JRN Center. This was back when Journalism was still a viable career. Ours was an experiential curriculum, requiring students to get out of the building, talk to people, write … Continue reading

Snow Fun

Growing up, I lived next door to an alcoholic man who shoveled the leaves and raked the snow. (He did some other crazy things, too, but those are stories for another day.) Naturally, his antics provided for a bit of entertaining conversation in our house. This morning, if our neighbors were looking out their windows, … Continue reading

Tall tale

You never know when your next good laugh might be. I had mine last night, talking with Michele, the Quality Control gal who had watched my yearly Jazzercise evaluation video. It was something of a nail-biter, recording the class, hoping the iPad worked, that I was doing everything¬†I was supposed to, that the set was … Continue reading

You think there are characters at your office?

Working from home has some great perks, but it can be a little lonely. Fortunately, I have neighbors who try to help in that regard. No, I don’t mean the two strangers who have shown up at my door with offbeat questions (one barged her way in to my living room, looking for a friend … Continue reading

Clocking out

In New York today for work, I was treated to the full people-watching experience. Odd outfits, loud phone conversations, snoring commuters, off-beat music and food choices — you name it. In Grand Central Station, there was more fun to be had: the tourists, the commuters, the families, school groups, pollsters. Everyone, it seemed, was capturing … Continue reading

Proving once again that laughter is the best medicine

I don’t know what you were up to today, but odds are good you didn’t wander through an inflatable colon. I did. It was part of an adventurous afternoon with my friend Kristen — part girlfriend catch-up, part experiencing different things, all of it entertaining. After Jazzercise and a¬†quick breakfast and caffeine infusion, we headed … Continue reading

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — Hula, Hula

Oh, I had a different Wordless Wednesday planned. Early spring thaw photos from Sunday’s trip to the beach where the 50-degree temperatures coaxed what felt like the whole town — and every family dog — out of hibernation. I thought those images might help us limp along until the real spring finally showed itself, now … Continue reading

Sock it to me

Many of you have sock problems, I know. Maybe you send a pair through the wash, and only one comes back. Perhaps you have a drawer of mismatched orphans waiting for their princes to come. We have the opposite problem. Somehow, a rogue pair of socks has appeared in our house. I did a load … Continue reading

Bean there

If you had a few minutes to be thoughtful, you might guess that some important philosophical matter would be a great equalizer of people. And you’d be wrong. Turns out green beans in tomato sauce level the playing field. Really. Who knew my four hours of ladling green beans at our festival last night at … Continue reading