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Getting to the heart of adoptee grief

If you’re adopted, people are forever telling you how to feel: Be grateful. Don’t be one of those angry adoptees. Stop questioning things and move on already.

The truth is that for many of us, being adopted means forever navigating a roller coaster of emotions, none of which cancel out other feelings.

It is, as they say, complicated.

One critical emotion sometimes overlooked in the adoptee experience is grief. People fail to recognize that many adoptees spend a lifetime grieving as they work to process their relinquishment. Yet loss and grief underpin — even fuel — many of the other emotions we grapple with

In the latest installment of Haley Radke‘s excellent Adoptees On podcast, grief gets its due.

Haley’s latest guest, therapist Janet Nordine, speaks eloquently about grief, explaining why the current entrenched dialogue around adoption doesn’t always acknowledge that adoption is traumatic for adoptees. Her comments offer important context for adoptees and the people who love them.  Janet also unpacks the many ways adoptees experience grief; and pulls from her own experience to offer suggestions for coping and finding support.

If you’re adopted, you’ll likely see some piece of yourself reflected here. Definitely worth listening.

Tune in here:

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