Flashback Friday

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Flashback Friday — Halloween Fun

Judging by the enthusiastic house decorations I’ve seen on my walks, we’ve got a ton of new kids in the neighborhood this year, which means tomorrow’s trick or treating should be loads of fun. I always get a kick out of the little ones in their costumes, but I’m taking a moment this morning to … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Here we go again

A year ago we crammed the car full of things we never knew a person needed and made our way to Hofstra University, spent the day unpacking, putting furniture together, lugging books from the bookstore and getting Catherine settled in before being summarily dismissed by her. As in all things, history will repeat itself this weekend. For … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Coming home

Hard to believe that 17 years ago today, we moved into our house. Given all that has happened in Greenwich, CT, home sales since, it is also laughable we just managed to afford it thanks to a special loan for first-time home buyers and the fact that this was considered an “affordable” area of town. It didn’t hurt that … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Get Happy

Catherine’s ready to go back to Hofstra. With six weeks left to summer, she’s done with 3-year-old campers’ bathroom accidents and tantrums, over the lack of buffet food options in our house, missing the magic of a Starbucks at every turn, and so done with our lack of nightlife. To keep her chin up, she’s … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Life After High School

How quickly time has flown. A year ago we were awash in a sea of emotions as Catherine graduated from high school. Today we are reduced to 12 weeks of sidestepping piles of dorm gear stuffed in every corner of the living room and den while they await their return to Hofstra in August a reverse transition … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Night to Remember

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the high excitement that accompanied the end of Catherine’s senior year. The cliché is true — time flies (and seems to do so more quickly with each birthday I mark). A year ago, the household was consumed with Catherine’s prom and the Port Chester (NY) Band Night anniversary performances … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Many Happy Returns

Join me in wishing my mother-in-law, Dena, the happiest of birthdays today. Naturally, a lady never discloses her age, so I won’t share, either. This is the photo her brother, Bill, kept with him as he served in World War II.

Flashback Friday — Home again, home again

Well, it’s officially the end of freshman year at Hofstra for Catherine. As I type this, she’s likely taking one last look at her final paper, written in the wee hours of this morning, and getting reading to take her last final. I’ve ceded my “home office” til August. We’re on our way to the market … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Baby Love

A favorite mommy moment, from May 1996. Nineteen years later, Catherine can still fall asleep at the drop of a hat and spend hours snoozing. I’m no longer allowed to snuggle her on my lap, however.

Flashback Friday — Awkward Family Photos

Among the things I pass in the house every day is this bulletin board collection of photo-booth photos, showing the silly sides of Catherine and Basil. From left, see them in Seaside Heights, NJ on two subsequent summers; at the Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii; and the Long Island Aquarium. Their facial expressions never fail to make … Continue reading