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No place like home

After three weeks exploring London, Catherine is back home. Getting her here was no easy feat, since it meant working around the blizzard. The trip back became an adventure in its own right. She’s back at Hofstra now, having enjoyed a stopover at home to regroup, do laundry and repack everything for the dorm while we shoveled 20 … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Rock On


Side trip to Dublin

Catherine is having such a good time in the UK she is threatening to stay there. This past week flew by and brought a chance to see two plays for her class: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, which she loved; and another, less successful show that nevertheless fueled a great deal … Continue reading

A ride (or two) back in time

The weather was picture-perfect today, that ideal combination of summer sun and warm breeze that makes it a sin to be indoors. So out Basil, Catherine and I went, for a stroll down memory lane at Rye (NY) Playland, site of so many fun afternoons of our youth. It wound up being a walking tour. It started … Continue reading

Back to the Garden: Our Afternoon of Peace and Music

We spent yesterday hanging out with a bunch of hippies, reliving Woodstock. It was a pilgrimage of sorts. Catherine was dying to see for herself what she’d heard and read about the seminal counterculture event. Basil has been dreaming about the concert for 46 years — ever since his father quashed his plans to go with … Continue reading