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Wordless Wednesday — Tide’s Out

Outside In

Greenwich Avenue here in town — that veritable Rodeo Drive East — was nearly deserted late yesterday as Basil and I undertook a post-barbecue constitutional. All the better to see it clearly. Up one side of the street and down the other, we set aside the usual people-watching we might have done in favor of … Continue reading

Hudson River Schooled

You know that saying, “You can’t go home again”? I can’t — not to my first apartment anyway. Yesterday afternoon, Basil and I shirked our many household responsibilities and went for a Sunday drive, back to the river towns in Westchester, NY, where I lived and worked for a time. It was fun seeing the sites … Continue reading

Aglow with anticipation

Tomorrow, I’m going to reclaim my sparkle. I think. I’m headed to a ladies’ retreat tomorrow afternoon — armed with comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a journal in which to record my thoughts and a bit of hope that some good tips and karma will rub off and allow me to serenely sail through these … Continue reading

Shaking things up in 2014

It’s a new year, with a blank slate. How will you fill yours? I don’t bother much with resolutions anymore — they never end well for me. But striving for a fresh mindset seems to work — at least until the chaos really hits the fan. Living outside my comfort zone, as I have been … Continue reading

Not by bread alone

I never know quite what feedback to expect when I post a blog: Laughter? Snarky comments? The sound of crickets? All of the above? Yesterday, my blogging efforts were recognized in the most incredible way: Having read about our new toaster, our neighbor, Nancy, baked us a loaf of bread so the appliance would have … Continue reading

Let me eat cake

So with this week’s flip of the calendar started the stream of email and snail-mail “birthday” marketing tools — you know those coupons and well-wishes from different stores and services you do business with. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and DSW  thinks I need a new pair of shoes, so they’ve sent me a … Continue reading

New year, new me

Are you making any resolutions? I used to. Back when I was a kid, I regularly resolved to be better about listening to my parents (probably lasted about a day) be nicer to my sister (might have lasted an hour) exercise (maybe took two long walks? How ironic that I am now a fitness instructor!) … Continue reading

From Stamford … with love

I got what I can only describe as an early Christmas present this week: The gift of hope and brotherhood shining like a beacon amid the insanity of a million crazy, stressful bits of life — not the least of which has been the weather-driven destruction we’ve seen here in the Northeast. Moved by the … Continue reading

Powerless against the surge of storm warnings

You ready for Frankenstorm? As a rule, I like a little weather. A rainy day is good for the soul, and I’m not above wishing for a snow day, even this early in the year. But all the hullaballoo over Hurricane Sandy has me smh (that’s shaking my head, for those without teenagers to translate). … Continue reading