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Blame it on the pie

Hindsight being 20/20, it’s all clear to me now: I should have known better. It should have been obvious that no amount of early shopping forays, wrapping on Thanksgiving or freezing a bunch of cookie dough would stave off my annual December meltdown. I hung in there pretty well for a long time.┬áBut I got … Continue reading

This Christmas gift sucks

In flagrant violation of my friend, Jacquie’s “no plug” rule, I have an early Christmas gift — a Shark vacuum whose suction mechanism seems designed to pull up dirt from Middle Earth. I wasn’t planning to buy a vacuum, certainly not at this time of year when so many other charges are being rung up … Continue reading

Unwanted attention

Hidden in that “other” category of personal messages on my Facebook account, I found this note left by a hunky-looking guy named Alex last week: Hello. I came across your profile, you look stunning and you have lovely smile too, may i get to know you… if you don’t mind. Creepy, right? As I deleted … Continue reading

Teenagers: They’re loads of fun

Kids say the darndest, cutest things. Teenagers? Not so much. When Catherine was little, helping make the bed meant pulling up “the comfortable”; the time between midnight and 6 am was “the side of night”; she wondered, while helping fold laundry, if my bras were meant for chasing butterflies. These days, some of what comes … Continue reading

And You Wonder Why I’m Pushing on a Rope

There are many thankless things about parenting. We are underappreciated, taken for granted, hidden from the view of peers lest we prove embarrassing. We can lecture on a topic countless times only to be ignored, but if a stranger says the same darn thing, well, it’s genius. And — I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

In hot water over the soup

It’s a good thing I have no feelings. Catherine, the baby who happily ate spinach and green beans, sweet potatoes and squash — and just about anything else we spooned at her — is now the teenager with very definite culinary preferences. And as a rule, soup doesn’t cut it. It’s a shame, because at … Continue reading

School of Hard Knocks

Just about every day, something happens that makes me shake my head and think, “You can’t make this stuff up.” Sometimes I even use a stronger word than “stuff.” Today was one of those days. Basil and I are both used to people mangling our names. Mine is often coerced in an effort to be … Continue reading

All a-Twitter

Four months into retirement Basil has discovered a whole new technological landscape, and I’m paying for it. Now that he has time on his hands (wasn’t this supposed to be temporary retirement???), he’s figured a few things out. For example, I no longer have to stand over him and point to where he needs to … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Grate Problem

Full of bologna

Who says there’s no free lunch? There was today for one of Catherine’s campers, a new little guy in her group of 4-year-olds. Catherine left her bag lunch on the table and went to collect his hot lunch. She returned to find him swallowing the last of her bologna sandwich. “Oh, no, sweetie,” she said. … Continue reading