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Flashback Friday — Fair Assessment

Flashing back just a year, to the 2013 Greek festival at The Church of the Archangels in Stamford.



Yes, I got Catherine to pull server duty, even though it meant wearing the apron and hat. This is perhaps what her fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Schmidt, used to call a “blackmail picture.”

We and many other parishioners are at it again this weekend, serving up yummy Greek specialities, manning the rides and sales booths, taking our turns on the dance floor.

Since Hofstra closed yesterday and today for Rosh Hoshana, Catherine came home just so she could be at this year’s fair. (And apparently so she could leave her stuff under foot, eat all our ice cream and sleep at 12 hours a clip.)

The fair started last night, and without exception each of the people who saw Catherine was beyond excited. She was repeatedly hugged and kissed, and pressed for details about college life.

I was glad to see that she has such a strong community here, even if it meant — also without exception — that well into each of these encounters people finally noticed I was also standing there. 🙂

We taste-tested a gyro and spanikopita and are pleased to pronounce them incredibly delicious. The lamb, chicken, potatoes, stuffed tomatoes and other delights looked equally yummy. And don’t get me started on the dessert table. We won’t be cooking all weekend and think you shouldn’t either.

Come by tonight, corner of Bedford and Third in Stamford, starting at 5; tomorrow and Sunday starting at noon. Admission is free; the experience is priceless.

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