Flashback Friday

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Flashback Friday — Halloween Fun

Judging by the enthusiastic house decorations I’ve seen on my walks, we’ve got a ton of new kids in the neighborhood this year, which means tomorrow’s trick or treating should be loads of fun. I always get a kick out of the little ones in their costumes, but I’m taking a moment this morning to … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Night to Remember

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the high excitement that accompanied the end of Catherine’s senior year. The cliché is true — time flies (and seems to do so more quickly with each birthday I mark). A year ago, the household was consumed with Catherine’s prom and the Port Chester (NY) Band Night anniversary performances … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Many Happy Returns

Join me in wishing my mother-in-law, Dena, the happiest of birthdays today. Naturally, a lady never discloses her age, so I won’t share, either. This is the photo her brother, Bill, kept with him as he served in World War II.

Flashback Friday — Home again, home again

Well, it’s officially the end of freshman year at Hofstra for Catherine. As I type this, she’s likely taking one last look at her final paper, written in the wee hours of this morning, and getting reading to take her last final. I’ve ceded my “home office” til August. We’re on our way to the market … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Baby Love

A favorite mommy moment, from May 1996. Nineteen years later, Catherine can still fall asleep at the drop of a hat and spend hours snoozing. I’m no longer allowed to snuggle her on my lap, however.

Flashback Friday — Awkward Family Photos

Among the things I pass in the house every day is this bulletin board collection of photo-booth photos, showing the silly sides of Catherine and Basil. From left, see them in Seaside Heights, NJ on two subsequent summers; at the Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii; and the Long Island Aquarium. Their facial expressions never fail to make … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Earth Angel

With three weeks left to freshman year at Hofstra University, Catherine is hard at work on her final projects and studying for final exams. Hearing her discuss it all brings me back to my own college crunch days, but also reminded me of this photo from Oct. 31, 2013, when she was studying for something … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Easter, Take 2

Marking this weekend’s Greek Orthodox Easter with a flash back to the days when Catherine could still be convinced to wear an Easter bonnet — in this case 2000. We stopped to take this photo on the way to the children’s service that year. It was the first time year we let Catherine help hold … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — California Dreamin’

Digging around for a picture to run this morning, I stumbled on this one of Basil, from January 1988. We were in California after Christmas to visit a childhood friend and her husband who — still  — live in Burbank. They were kind enough to show us the sights, take us to Universal Pictures so … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is Dad’s birthday, so the weekly flashback is dedicated to him. Just a few glimpses of years past, like this one of him with me and my sister, Traci, in 1969 (I’m the one at right, age 3 here). And this one of him dancing with Mom at my wedding in 1993. And of … Continue reading