Flashback Friday

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Flashback Friday — This Place is a Zoo

They won’t be lazy, hazy days this year, but finally it’s summer. Why not flash back to simpler times, like this 2000 trip to the Bronx Zoo. Still new homeowners, and having replaced the roof and windows and repaved the driveway, we opted then (as we seem to with increasing frequency now) for a Staycation. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — The Graduates

By this time next week, Catherine will be a high school graduate, so naturally this week’s flashback must go back twice, 30 and 40 years respectively. Here’s a long shot from my commencement on June 24, 1984. We were Port Chester (NY) High School’s 100th graduating class.  I have no idea where I am in … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — On the March Again

Flashback to June 2009, the 65th anniversary of Port Chester, NY’s annual band night celebration. That’s me in the crowd, playing clarinet in public for what then was the first time in a long time. A whole lot has changed in the five years since — new career, new family members, new perspectives for me. (But … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Promtastic

There’s a good chance I will be in the doghouse for a long time after this post, but you must agree it will be worth it. As we are embracing all things prom this next week or so as Catherine prepares for her big day, Basil unearthed his prom pictures — a treat for the eyes … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Teddy Bear Picnic

Flashback to spring 1998. This week we’re back at the Mead School Child Care program — the wonderful home away from home where we took Catherine when she was little and where she is now doing her senior internship. Every day this week she’s come home with another crazy story about life with eight toddlers. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — School Daze

It’s Catherine’s last official day of classes — Monday, she’ll start the four-week internship at Mead School Child Care Center that will mark the end of senior year. This week has been a mad dash of finishing projects, getting teacher signatures, turning in textbooks and otherwise running around. She will surely crash this weekend and … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — It Adds Up

Flashback today not to an event commemorated on film but to a tired old gadget, long in the tooth and ready to be retired … but not if Basil has his way. In fits and starts, he continues to clear out files and the desk drawers. As though part of an archaeological dig, slowly but … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — March On!

Flashback to 1982, when most of my non-academic waking moments seemed to be consumed by band: practicing (at 7 am, rain or shine, on the dewy football field), competing in countless competitions, and performing — in parades, concerts, tattoos (yes, that is a thing). No wonder I struggle to re-create the notes as part of … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Put Your Hands Up

Basil’s march through the file cabinet continues, unearthing all manner of things we’ve squirreled away. Some of them — like the receipt for the long-dead vacuum — make us shake our heads. Others elicit smiles (and make me question the logic of Basil’s filing system). Take this, from when Catherine was 6, or so we … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Some bunny loves you

Flashback to Easter 2000: Catherine was 4 and still happy to wear what I chose. And the parade of Easter bunnies my parents made were — like the season’s ubiquitous Peeps — just born. This was their photo debut. As happens often, since Basil and Catherine are Greek Orthodox, it was a year of two Easters … Continue reading