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Flashback Friday — Christmas past and present

Flashback 18 years today to Catherine’s very first Christmas. Naturally, we were much more excited about it than she was. While she napped, I ran to the gas station down the street, picked up a small tree and had Basil haul it into our little rented condo. Then at warp speed we strung the lights, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Sounds of the Season

Lots of things are missing this holiday season. As we have been since August, when we left Catherine and the carload of stuff at the dorm at Hofstra, Basil and I remain a bit unmoored. Little by little we’re finding our way to a new normal, but one of the holes in our holiday prep this … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Tree-rific

It’s strange this year to begin the holiday stuff without Catherine to help — or at least supervise the effort. After returning her to Hofstra last Sunday, Basil and I set to work getting the outdoor decorations arranged. It’s clear that the oversized candy canes and family of deer are on borrowed time, 15 years of … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Snow Fun

Today’s Flashback is a small attempt at solidarity with our friends in the Buffalo area who, it seems, will spend all winter trying to tunnel out of this week’s lake-effect snow storm. The photos are from January 2001, a sledding excursion at the International School at Dundee in Riverside CT, where Catherine would start kindergarten … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — From the Archives

This week brought a message from the librarian at the Advocate, the Stamford, CT, newspaper where I worked for a decade. Like the paper had already done with its staff, it was culling the archives. She had a small folder of my clips from 2000; did I want them? Naturally I said yes. Curiosity and … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — In the Swim

Going to catch hell for this one, but I could not resist. As she was putting together her course schedule for spring, Catherine contemplated scuba diving to meet her PE requirement. It turns out that will have to wait for another semester, but her excitement around getting back in the pool had me remembering all. those. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Ghosts of Halloween Past

Happy Halloween! Catherine has been celebrating all week. Tuesday, she dressed as a nerd for a sorority party. Her suite mate, Danielle, helped with the costume. Tonight, she plans to be a scarecrow (Danielle is doing her makeup). Are you sensing a pattern here? Tomorrow, she’s wearing the Hooter’s costume I told you about. At … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Storm of the Century

Flashback two years to the buildup to Superstorm Sandy. As it barreled toward us in the tri-state area, the newscasters had a bit of fun with her name. She was the Superstorm, The Frankenstorm, and then, finally, just Sandy — clever moniker no longer needed in the wake of the devastation she leveled on the … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — High School Reunion

Flashing back today 30 years. The picture doesn’t look that old? Well, the people are. Last weekend, a few of us from the Port Chester High School Class of 1984 got off Facebook and gathered for a few hours to relive old times. It’s safe to say that, gray hair aside, not much has changed … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Happy birthday, Mom!

In honor of my mother, Ginger’s, birthday, we’re flashing back today to, well … the exact date isn’t important. Isn’t it a fun picture? She may weigh in with a different view. I know, for example, that that snazzy bow has a less-than-thrilling back story. I don’t know what the occasion for this photo was, but … Continue reading