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Flashback Friday — California Dreamin’

Digging around for a picture to run this morning, I stumbled on this one of Basil, from January 1988. We were in California after Christmas to visit a childhood friend and her husband who — still  — live in Burbank. They were kind enough to show us the sights, take us to Universal Pictures so … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — On Their Way Again

Flashback almost two years ago, to the excitement of Catherine and Basil headed to DisneyWorld with the Greenwich High Choral groups. There, they had a great time singing and enjoying the sights. They made lots of new friends came home with a trophy and a million stories to tell. Today marks another big day — … Continue reading

Takin’ it to the beach

I’ve been flipping through my friend Kristen’s Facebook album of photos from her trip to Ghana with the Yale Service Club, trying to imagine the stories she’ll be telling tomorrow morning at Jazzercise. It appears to have been quite an adventure — rustic living, colorful customs, audiences with both the king and a crocodile, lessons … Continue reading

Trips down memory lane — and other unlikely vacation spots

When it comes to vacations, I’m an armchair traveler. There is no place like home, with my bed and all my things. I know lots of people thrive on traveling, and I love the idea of experiencing new places (a la my friend, Kristen, who went to China last summer and this week leaves for … Continue reading

The Circle of Life

Well, everyone is home, back where they belong. Naturally, it’s like they never left. Remember all my hard work last weekend, cleaning up, getting things organized? Well, I’m looking at unpacked luggage, a bunch of souvenirs, several sweatshirts, socks and jackets along with piles of brochures, itineraries and receipts. Sunglasses here. Filched room key there. … Continue reading

Whistle while you work

Day 2, the first full day of freedom, er, long-suffering vigil, as Basil and Catherine travel with the GHS choral groups to compete at DisneyWorld. It has been a good, productive day. Working against the backdrop of hammering and the on-again/off-again hum of a compressor while Catherine’s bedroom gets a face-lift, I was able to … Continue reading

There’s no place like home

Well, I made it. The plane trip West wasn’t nearly as awful as I imagined — I didn’t have a harrowing journey, suffer mechanical difficulties, wasn’t left on the runway, didn’t lose my luggage or my mind (well, not yet). In fact, I relished the time alone and secretly cheered that I didn’t have any … Continue reading

Plane truth

Another week, another milestone, it seems. I’m headed West today, all the way to the Left Coast, on a business trip. My first one ever. Yes, you read that correctly. Nearly 46 and never been in business class. I am not much of a traveler, even by car (I still need to ride in the … Continue reading