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The Circle of Life

Catherine texted this picture Monday, from a gift shop in the Animal Kingdom, with a message that said, “I almost bought this hat!”

Well, everyone is home, back where they belong. Naturally, it’s like they never left.

Remember all my hard work last weekend, cleaning up, getting things organized?

Well, I’m looking at unpacked luggage, a bunch of souvenirs, several sweatshirts, socks and jackets along with piles of brochures, itineraries and receipts. Sunglasses here. Filched room key there. Camera over there.

And, go figure: There’s a whole new day’s worth of laundry to plow through.

Oh well, there were a few hours, at least, when everything stayed in its place.

Basil and Catherine arrived home Monday night, a little later than expected, two of the most exhausted-looking people I’d ever seen. I nearly had to shovel them into the car (and THEN pick up the bags under their eyes) and I practically carried them into the house well past midnight.

And despite being bone-tired, sunburned and emotionally spent, they were exhilarated too. I was fielding dual conversations, each one punctuated by, “Tell Mommy what happened when …” By 1 am, my head was spinning and I was begging them to get in bed and get some sleep.

Each day we catch up a little more. I’ve heard about the accommodations and meals, the other chaperones, the new friends they each made, some of the parks’ highlights, the pool, the beach, the shopping, the shows and the rude adults who refused to move or sit down so the kids could see the fireworks show.

I’ve seen the pictures of the crazy fellas having their bachelor party at Disney, the snapshots from the safari, the pictures of Catherine trying on a sombrero, stylin’ sunglasses, a bridal pair of mouse ears, and a Donald Duck baseball cap.

Catherine got a henna tattoo on the trip.

I’ve admired my delightful Mexican ceramic bunny from the Mexico pavilion in Epcot.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing my own snippets — housekeeping details, news from the neighborhood, the blog posts I wrote in their absence. They are paltry offerings that pale in comparison to the sights in Hollywood Studios, but they are all I have.

Well, that and some good food in the fridge and two scrubbed toilets.

There’s so much to tell and hear, so little time together til the weekend comes and we can have a real good conversation.

I enjoyed my weekend of solitude (even though it flew by). And it’s good to have them back.

But I hope maybe next time I’ll get to share the experiences with them instead of hearing about them later.

Of course to accomplish that, I first must swear off being embarrassing.

About Terri S. Vanech

Wife, mother, communications specialist, Jazzercise instructor and recently reunited adoptee. I'm living out loud -- and trying to make it all work -- in midlife. Having a sense of humor sure helps.


2 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. Michael just univited me to field day, it seems I am also quite embarrassing…

    Posted by Kathy | May 3, 2012, 9:56 pm

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