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Flashback Friday — On Their Way Again

Flashback almost two years ago, to the excitement of Catherine and Basil headed to DisneyWorld with the Greenwich High Choral groups.

There, they had a great time singing and enjoying the sights.

They made lots of new friends

There are no words for this photo. Except to say I'm glad they got their outfits coordinated.

There are no words for this photo. Except to say I’m glad they got their outfits coordinated.

came home with a trophy

Ready to sing!

Ready to sing!

and a million stories to tell.

Catherine meets Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Catherine meets Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Today marks another big day — the final rev to the choral groups’ trip to Hawaii — yes, Hawaii! — where they will perform at the USS Arizona memorial and at the USS Missouri, and visit Hickam Air Force Base, among other places.

And where they will bask in the sun, marvel at the surf and get to experience wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Of course, our crazy winter weather makes the trip all that much sweeter.

Once again, Basil is a chaperone for the trip — this time the only dad along for the ride!

I’m sure the whole neighborhood can feel the excitement pulsing from our house. What a terrific way for Catherine to wrap up senior year.

As you might guess, she has been packed for days, bikinis and other necessities purchased for the occasion, appointment at the nail salon set for this afternoon.


Basil had better get his act together and pack this morning.

Tomorrow at 2:30 am, I drive them to the school where they will catch a bus to the airport for a 5 am flight west.

And then I get to come home to a whole glorious week to myself.

(Oh. Did I say that out loud?)

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