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Return to the Status Quo

Slowly, normalcy is returning to our corner of Halsey Drive. Jet lag and exhaustion have done a number on Basil and Catherine, but nevertheless, they have regaled me with tales from their weeklong Greenwich High chorus trip to Hawaii. Friday night, over pizza, they unpacked way too many trinkets, recounted the entire visit to the … Continue reading

The Aloha Diaries Part 6 — Aloha

Well, the Greenwich High choral group is on its way home, having left Honolulu a couple of hours ago. Assuming the second leg of their journey, from SFO, runs on time, United Airlines should deliver my two Valentines by supper. The kids sang one last time yesterday, at the National Cemetery of the Pacific — Punchbowl Cemetery, … Continue reading

The Aloha Diaries Part 5 — In Remembrance and Making Memories

Yesterday’s leg of the Greenwich (CT) High choral group’s Hawaii trip started out on a somber note. The group spent the morning at the USS Arizona Memorial, where they had a tour, heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor and gave a performance. Mr. Lee, who witnessed the attack from start to finish, shared his … Continue reading

The Aloha Diaries Part 4 — Fun in the Sun

Lots more excitement in Hawaii yesterday. The Greenwich High chorus spent the day in Oahu, where they had lunch at the Turtle Bay Resort, spent time on Waimea Beach, and toured the Dole Pineapple Plantation before giving a performance at The Ala Moana Center. Here is Catherine on the beach, where the kids reveled in the sun, surf and 80-degree temperatures. … Continue reading

The Aloha Diaries, Part 3 — Naval Gazing

Yesterday, the Greenwich High choral groups headed to the naval base on Ford Island in Hawaii, where they toured the Pacific Aviation Museum and performed on the dock at the Battleship Missouri. The kids are so tightly scheduled that I’ve had only brief conversations with Catherine and Basil, mostly via text message. Basil’s efforts to send me video from his phone camera … Continue reading

The Aloha Diaries, Part 2 — Quite a Hike

First full day in Hawaii was busy. They got started with a trip to Hickam Air Force Base, where there was a tour and lunch before the obligatory group picture, a piece of which Basil captured here. So far, everything seems to be going just fine, with everyone trying some new things. Basil gave poi a … Continue reading

The Aloha Diaries, Part 1: A Wing and a Prayer

Well, the Greenwich High choral groups are safely in Hawaii, having landed in Honolulu about 8:30 our time last night. It was a looooong day — for them traveling and for me waiting to hear they had finally arrived. I dropped them at GHS to get on the bus to the airport at 2:30 am. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — On Their Way Again

Flashback almost two years ago, to the excitement of Catherine and Basil headed to DisneyWorld with the Greenwich High Choral groups. There, they had a great time singing and enjoying the sights. They made lots of new friends came home with a trophy and a million stories to tell. Today marks another big day — … Continue reading

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true

How lucky I was last night: Basil called as the GHS chorus began its medleys of Disney tunes for the park visitors last night and held the phone up so I could hear, too. Even through the crappy phone connection, they sounded terrific threading their way through the first, a 20-minute series of classics — … Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

Florida will never be the same. Catherine and Basil finally landed late this afternoon. It was a victory of sorts for them both. Basil reports his group of 12 boys is nice and listens. (Fingers crossed that remains the case, and that Catherine’s chaperone is sending a similar message to her spouse.) Catherine overcame her … Continue reading