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The Aloha Diaries Part 4 — Fun in the Sun

Lots more excitement in Hawaii yesterday.

The Greenwich High chorus spent the day in Oahu, where they had lunch at the Turtle Bay Resort, spent time on Waimea Beach, and toured the Dole Pineapple Plantation before giving a performance at The Ala Moana Center.

Here is Catherine on the beach, where the kids reveled in the sun, surf and 80-degree temperatures.


In a text message yesterday afternoon, she announced that she is moving there after college.

Uh, huh.

The dinner cruise Monday night was great fun, they both reported, although Catherine didn’t quite have the sea legs for it.

Here’s how Catherine and Basil looked.


Clearly Basil is not wearing much sunscreen, but he’s having a ball.

I’m so glad they’re on this trip together, making memories of a lifetime.

Turns out, some are going to stick more than others.

Sometime after the above photo was taken on the dinner cruise, I’m told, Basil and other people on the cruise — all completely sober, I’m assured — danced with the hula dancers. The “extras” got to wear grass skirts, hats and coconut bras for the occasion.

I’ve seen the photo evidence, but will use my better judgment about sharing it here.

Suffice it to say that Catherine reported it to me via text message using a “see no evil” emoticon and this face:

– _ –

Who’s the embarrassing parent now?

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