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Oh the things teenagers say…

Flashback today to simpler times, when there was no back-talk, smart remarks or lip. As I’ve noted in previous posts, this summer after freshman year of college is an adjustment for all three of us — almost as big a transition as was dropping Catherine off at Hofstra last August. We’ve each developed some new habits … Continue reading


Clearly the new normal thing is going to take time to get used to. Co-existing over Catherine’s winter break was like trying to do a dance we didn’t know the steps to. No one was able to teach us either. Now that she’s not quite a grownup, but no longer a kid, it all seems … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — The College Girl

I’ll surely catch hell for this one, but flashback a year ago, to when we were college hunting. This photo was taken while we waited for a table in a restaurant after touring Salem State University in Massachusetts. Catherine is not quite the good sport about these things that Basil is, but no matter. Only … Continue reading

No Shoe Loose Here

It’s fascinating to see how Catherine’s mind works and where her priorities lie. For all our similarities she remains very much her own person. Case in point: Most of the summer, she’s turned a deaf ear to my, er, suggestions that perhaps some laundry and early packing efforts are in order as dorm move-in day nears. So … Continue reading

Getting oriented to the new normal

It has been a quiet couple of days. I’m not tripping over 17 pairs of cute size 5 shoes left in the doorway. No dishes are piled in the kitchen sink. (The task of bending over to put them in the adjacent dishwasher is — let’s face it — arduous.) We’ve not been inundated by … Continue reading

Perception is everything

We’ve been enjoying this first real warm Sunday. Since we got home from church Basil’s been cleaning out the garage. Catherine and I took a long walk through the neighborhood, then set ourselves up outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine while Catherine chose her dining plan and filled out the housing information … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — 18 Years of Awesome

Happy 18th birthday today to our daughter, Catherine. She’s on her way! * * * * * * * * * * * Happy, happy birthday Catherine; the stars are there — just within your grasp. All you have to do is reach for them. xo Love, Mom          

Flashback Friday — Boxed In

Flashback to 1997. Don’t know what you were up to then, but Catherine was elbow-deep in every toy you can imagine … and playing with a white cardboard box. Isn’t it always the way? I stumbled on these photos while looking for something else. They were taken when we still lived in the condo around … Continue reading

No prom queen here

As time goes by, I command less and less respect. Not sure if it’s one of those developmental milestones I once poured over or maybe just me, but Catherine pulls no punches in expressing her opinion. (I can tell that some of you think she came by this honestly and not from the Vanech side … Continue reading

Snow Daze

Another day, another snow storm — or at least that’s how it’s starting to feel these days. And yes, another snow day. At the rate we’re going, Catherine will graduate high school after she moves into the dorm at Hofstra. But even high school seniors greet the news of no school with childlike glee. After … Continue reading