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A step ahead

This will no doubt amaze you, but perhaps you are in the same boat: I have the ability to be embarrassing even if no one is watching. All month, I’ve been participating in Find Your Stride 2014, a free online challenge to take 10,000 steps a day — a widely recognized fitness milestone that most … Continue reading

And You Wonder Why I’m Pushing on a Rope

There are many thankless things about parenting. We are underappreciated, taken for granted, hidden from the view of peers lest we prove embarrassing. We can lecture on a topic countless times only to be ignored, but if a stranger says the same darn thing, well, it’s genius. And — I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

It’ll be a Freaky Thursday

So, um, Catherine is dreaming up scary Halloween costumes and thinks she has a winner: The most frightening thing she could possibly be is … me. This was announced only half-jokingly at the dinner table tonight, following a dust-up that occurred when she and Basil returned home and both began talking to me at once … Continue reading

One more time, with feeling

Senior year is officially under way. Catherine is no longer a “rising senior”; she’s the real deal. The bus just ferried her away. I hid among the trees and bushes and snapped this photo of her walking to the bus stop: And then I stood in the yard and watched until I couldn’t see the … Continue reading

Don’t bug me

Catherine has always been afraid of spiders. Once when she was 6 or 7, she stole down the stairs in the dead of night, wearing her favorite blue feetie pajamas — the ones with the clouds on them — and woke Basil up. “Daddy,” she said, “there’s a spider in my room.” Of course Basil … Continue reading

No, really. Who is this?

Catherine went grocery shopping with me this afternoon. I know it sounds inconsequential. However, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times since she was small enough to have a tantrum over a pink ball I wouldn’t buy that she’s accompanied me to the market of her own volition. And by … Continue reading

At 17, still saying the darndest things

So, I must travel for business next week, a thankfully rare occurrence that nevertheless sends all three of us Vaneches into a bit of a tizzy. Already, I’m starting the lists of chores, appointments, errands, etc., to be completed in my absence. (The first time I did this last year, I got frantic emails demanding … Continue reading

Stream of consciousness

At Hofstra U earlier today doing another college look-see. We took a break from the information coming at us at 90 mph; the endless parades of kids and their helicopter parents; and the spectacle of hair dye, tattoos and body piercings for a quick bite to eat in their dining hall. “Look,” I remarked, pointing … Continue reading

No such thing as a free lunch

Catherine is up to something; I just know it. There is no other explanation for her behavior. It’s her winter break and I have worked from home these past two days. And each day, she has laid aside the laptop, emerged from the cave-like comfort of her bedroom and offered to make me lunch. Tuesday, … Continue reading

Jammin’ in my jammies

It’s true I’m trying a resolution or two in 2013, but one thing will certainly not change: I will continue to embarrass Catherine (recognizing that this is often an innate talent of mine. No effort required). And there’s no better time than the present. We offered a special Pajama Party Jazzercise class today at the … Continue reading