men versus women

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A medal, or a chest to pin it on?

Had to call in the reserves yesterday to get some housecleaning done before company arrived and you’d have thought I was asking them to eat glass. Catherine grudgingly cleaned her room (read shoved everything into the hamper or closet), but somehow slipped out of dusting. Basil drew his lines in the sand. He would clean … Continue reading

I’m Toast

The many ways in which men and women think differently never cease to amaze me. Take appliances. In our never-ending spate of kitchenware giving up the ghost, the toaster died. As Basil would say, it didn’t owe us anything. I think we’ve had it all 20 of the years we are married, and honestly, I … Continue reading

My eureka moment

My epiphanies are few and far between, but following yesterday’s post, about Basil’s ongoing transition to the world of (semi)retirement while I continue to toil in the salt mines, I had a big AHA moment. The post elicited quite a few comments and offers of help (Truthfully, I’m not sure if these folks are trying … Continue reading

Good help is hard to find

The transition to sorta retired continues here in our little world. My travel last week has caused a bit of a setback, it seems, and this week Basil was back to asking me each day, “What are you doing? Are you home with me? Can we have lunch? What would you like to do? Can … Continue reading

Beating around the bushes

Basil was busy while I was 3,000 miles away this past week. He worked his way through the list I left of important appointments, chores and errands, plus a few tasks of his own. Naturally he was eager to show off his work when I got in the door at midnight last night. Before I … Continue reading

One of us is living the good life

It’s been just about two weeks since Basil retired, at least temporarily, and I’m pleased to report that neither of us has killed the other … yet. The transition continues for us both. I’m still not used to having him underfoot. He is not at all pleased when I refer to him as my concierge … Continue reading

Venus and Mars

The difference between men and women? We had 10 minutes yesterday afternoon between when I got home from my staff meeting at the Jazzercise ¬†Center where I teach, and got washed up and changed, and when we had to leave to catch the train to New York where we were taking Catherine to the Discovery … Continue reading

You can’t touch that dial

Right now in our house, several piles of Basil’s cleaned and folded laundry have sat ¬†for days collecting dust while they wait to be tucked in the bureau. At least three pairs of his shoes silently mark their most recent steps. Mail towers in several clumps — on the buffet, scattered on the desk upstairs, … Continue reading

Time to get real (estate)

Strange things sometimes happen when I work from home. It’s not about the job — without the commute, I actually get more done and feel very smug and productive in my house slippers. Nope, it’s the outside world that causes the strangeness. Most days, it’s just me and the work, sailing along neatly, clickety-clack, down … Continue reading

Some days it’s as though I have TWO children

Every day I learn something, and let’s face it, not all lessons are happy ones. Last night I learned that you should never take a man out who still believes the Scrubbing Bubbles guys actually exist and that somewhere in the world Prince Spaghetti is growing on trees. Because that childlike outlook will color everything … Continue reading