men versus women

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Toeing the lines, one blade of grass at a time

Basil is in mourning. The lawn mower died today. Yes, you read that correctly. It was an occasion that required several text-messages to me at work and an immediate trip to the hardware store. Alas, no proper replacement could be found in the short bit of time he had today, but trust me, he’s a … Continue reading

Salsa, strength and hope

So women are supposedly the weaker sex, but my experience belies that old wives’ tale. You, too? Oh sure, men can bench-press and haul things, push machinery around, build stuff. But if you need someone to handle a really big job — something with emotional heft — find a woman. Faced with feelings, most men … Continue reading

Time is not on my side

Do you multitask? I do to the point of madness. I’m doing it right now. Type a few words, take a bite of breakfast. Chew. Repeat. A typical weekday morning will find me up at 5:30 and into whirling dervish mode — laundry going while I shower, eating breakfast while I make lunch, reminding Catherine … Continue reading