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Still saying ‘I do’

It’s a big day. Twenty years ago today, Basil and I each ran through the pelting raindrops in our special outfits to say “I do.” This is what we looked like then: I don’t know where the time went, or how we managed to hang on in the face of, well, all the crazy things … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — He remembered!

Tuesday was the anniversary of our first date in 1987 and I’m a little ashamed to tell you that at 7:30 am, I was already engrossed in my workday when Basil mentioned it with a cheery “Happy Anniversary” and a kiss. Our 20th wedding anniversary is next month, so I was more than a little … Continue reading

You can’t touch that dial

Right now in our house, several piles of Basil’s cleaned and folded laundry have sat  for days collecting dust while they wait to be tucked in the bureau. At least three pairs of his shoes silently mark their most recent steps. Mail towers in several clumps — on the buffet, scattered on the desk upstairs, … Continue reading

Garbage in, garbage out

Try, as you read this, not to hate me. I know many of you got sparkly, shiny gifts these past few weeks — presents maybe in tiny blue boxes — but I’m betting none of you came home from work tonight to find this: Yup. It’s a new kitchen garbage can. I’ll wait while you … Continue reading

To infinity and beyond: One man’s journey through the honey-do list

Although Catherine and I made efforts to return to our routines on Wednesday, Basil had the remainder of this week off. (Yes, we envied him, especially as he continued to snore while we left the house each morning.) I had to laugh each night when I got home and he detailed the things he’d been … Continue reading

Can we talk?

Enjoying your in-between days, as a friend calls them? I am frantically trying to but they are moving too damn fast — it’s as though I’m watching the hours slip through my fingers. Still, it’s nice to spend time with family and friends, have a little time to breathe, a little time to sleep, start … Continue reading

Full khaki jacket

If you should meet my husband sometime soon, please know that I did not dress him. I know the stupid khaki jacket he’s wearing has seen better days. I know it’s missing a button and that its collar, cuffs and waistband are fraying. I’m well aware that the elbows are no longer khaki despite my best … Continue reading

No good deed goes unpunished

With Catherine and Basil helping to deliver supplies to some Jersey Shore communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy last Saturday, I took advantage of the day to cook up a storm. I filled the fridge with healthy home-cooked meals, trying to use up a lot of the food in house since we’ll soon have to make … Continue reading

Surfin’ safari

Funny how quickly new routines can be broken, how we return, boomerang-like to our narrow comfort zones. We hunkered down in front of the television last night — still enthralled by our ability to see something more than black space. I looked around for something good to watch, then picked a program. Basil sat down … Continue reading

You got the money, honey…

You might want to rub my husband for luck. Just a few weeks after he stupified me with an unexplained white envelope containing $50 (read about it here), he has won a second football pool. Apparently, the beer drinking has unexpected rewards. You’ll recall that he was so excited over his inaugural win that we … Continue reading