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Home Improvement, Old Greenwich Edition

It was a lost weekend. No, not that kind. Basil and I spent most of the weekend futzing with a new kitchen cabinet. We’d discovered it in Bed Bath & Beyond and snapped it up. It would be the answer to our too-small, no-place-to-store-anything, and there-is-no-freakin’-workspace kitchen. The only problem was that more than a … Continue reading

Basil, Terri, and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

Last week, I wrote about a little miscommunication that left me sitting outside a local watering hole waiting to pickup Basil when he already had the other car. Today’s post is a left-handed apology. On Saturday, you see, he had to bail me out. I left to teach Jazzercise at 7:45 am, as I always do, but … Continue reading

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Catherine’s return home for winter break has meant certain adjustments. We are getting used to the strange hours she now keeps, and having to share everything again — the TV remote, the bathrooms … and the two cars. Yesterday, the effort went awry. Having finally returned home late yesterday afternoon — with one of the cars … Continue reading

This Chore Blows! Or Basil and the Mighty Wind

Obviously, it’s a Mars-Venus thing. Having decided it was high time to clean behind the furniture,  I set Basil up with the vacuum and instructions to move the bureaus and radiator cover in our bedroom as he worked. Then I climbed back upstairs to “my” desk to finish my work day, and listened as he worked … Continue reading

Apple of My Eye

In our ongoing bid to keep ourselves occupied without Catherine, yesterday we went apple picking at Outhouse Orchards in Croton Falls, NY. We’d been there a few years ago with Catherine and a friend from school. They were, shall we say, less than enamored with the experience. We decided it couldn’t hurt to give it … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday — 21 Years and Counting

Twenty-one years ago, we were looking out the window at sheets of rain and trying to make the best of it. “Showers of happiness,” everyone said. Indeed. There has been much happiness — and too many laughs to count — in the time since. More than enough to get through the dips in the road. Happy … Continue reading

Life as We Knew It

Well, the big day is here. This morning, we deliver Catherine and the 3,000 things she had to have to Hofstra University. Everyone else is sleeping. I’ve been up since 4:45, head pounding from clenching my teeth all night, trying my darndest to program “stoic” in to my emotional framework for the day — if … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — On Wedded Bliss

Flashback 25 years ago this week, to the wedding of my friend Jacquie and her husband Raymond. It was a memorable day. And not just because the groom’s brother thought it would be a good idea to leap from the motel roof into the pool to celebrate after the rehearsal dinner (his trick went off … Continue reading

Never a Crossword

My husband is cheating. Oh, not in the way you might think. He’s taken to cheating on our shared crossword puzzles. In the past several months since the USPS “retired” him and I’ve been working entirely from home, we’ve fallen into a little game: I start the Sunday crossword, go great guns with it until … Continue reading

I’m Toast

The many ways in which men and women think differently never cease to amaze me. Take appliances. In our never-ending spate of kitchenware giving up the ghost, the toaster died. As Basil would say, it didn’t owe us anything. I think we’ve had it all 20 of the years we are married, and honestly, I … Continue reading