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Happy birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday today to my beautiful mother — my sounding board, reality check and daily laugh. Love you, Mom!

Flashback Friday — Happy birthday, Mom!

In honor of my mother, Ginger’s, birthday, we’re flashing back today to, well … the exact date isn’t important. Isn’t it a fun picture? She may weigh in with a different view. I know, for example, that that snazzy bow has a less-than-thrilling back story. I don’t know what the occasion for this photo was, but … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Some bunny loves you

Flashback to Easter 2000: Catherine was 4 and still happy to wear what I chose. And the parade of Easter bunnies my parents made were — like the season’s ubiquitous Peeps — just born. This was their photo debut. As happens often, since Basil and Catherine are Greek Orthodox, it was a year of two Easters … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Triple Trouble

As is so very often the case, I’m a day late and probably several dollars short. I never let that stop me, though. Yesterday was National Sibling Day and lots of folks posted family photos on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Here’s hoping you have interest in one more sets of siblings. Here is Basil with … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — All Washed Up

Flashback to 1988 and the first time some members of the family went to Hawaii. Here are Mom and Dad on Maui. My father won the trip through work and they had a blast. I remember at the time thinking I’d not seen photos of my parents looking quite as happy as they did on … Continue reading

Metamorphosis — Worth a thousand words

Now that everyone has their Christmas present senior portrait of Catherine, I can go for the big reveal here on the blog. Drum roll, please: Pretty amazing — and even more so when you consider this is how she used to look. (Look, it took almost 18 years to grow hair!) Those of you who … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Opa!

Flashback today to 1922 or 1923 — we’re not sure. Basil’s cousin, Penny, dropped in while I was taking down the Christmas tree on New Year’s Day, laden with presents and good cheer. Among the treasurers she brought us was this photo, a copy of one she unearthed while digging through old memories. I think … Continue reading

Birthday love

Happy birthday to my Mom, Ginger Salvatore! I will not tell you her age, but rather show you these photos, which will surely get me in hot water. I love this baby picture, even if the toy she’s sitting on looks more than a little dangerous. She is here in the front yard of her … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — It Must be Love

Flashback today to Oct. 1, 1961, my parents’ wedding anniversary. Fifty-two years later, they’re still going strong, having weathered all manner of crazy obstacles life has a way of throwing at us all. When I was small, it was a huge thrill to flip through their wedding album, its black-and-white chronicle somehow exciting and exotic … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Baby Love

July 4 weekend, 17 years ago. Back when I could choose the outfits … and when she would actually wear a hat. This is one of my very favorite photos (I took it!). She’s wearing one of two precious outfits the staff in the Old Greenwich Post Office chipped in to buy her. I think … Continue reading