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Games Grown-ups Play

One of the fun things about having Catherine home for five weeks before spring semester begins at Hofstra is the chance to spend time with her as I go about my usual activities. On Saturday, I coerced her into doing the grocery shopping with me.   It wasn’t exactly quality time. My list was long (not … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Christmas past and present

Flashback 18 years today to Catherine’s very first Christmas. Naturally, we were much more excited about it than she was. While she napped, I ran to the gas station down the street, picked up a small tree and had Basil haul it into our little rented condo. Then at warp speed we strung the lights, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Tree-rific

It’s strange this year to begin the holiday stuff without Catherine to help — or at least supervise the effort. After returning her to Hofstra last Sunday, Basil and I set to work getting the outdoor decorations arranged. It’s clear that the oversized candy canes and family of deer are on borrowed time, 15 years of … Continue reading

Yes, Catherine, there is a Santa Claus

Several friends with younger children have been on Facebook these past few days, pleading with other parents to help keep the Christmas magic alive. It seems there is another holiday tradition at work: The older kids are spilling the beans at school about Santa, the Myth and Legend.  I don’t remember exactly when I realized … Continue reading

Home for Thanksgiving

Tuesday brought great excitement as the prodigal daughter returned home from the dorm, having figured out how to get here all on her own.  Four hours, two trains and a subway ride later, she was dragging backpack and duffel off the Metro-North platform in Stamford. A few minutes later she was dumping them just inside … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Snow Fun

Today’s Flashback is a small attempt at solidarity with our friends in the Buffalo area who, it seems, will spend all winter trying to tunnel out of this week’s lake-effect snow storm. The photos are from January 2001, a sledding excursion at the International School at Dundee in Riverside CT, where Catherine would start kindergarten … Continue reading

Our very own game of ‘telephone’

Everyone keeps asking how the transition to empty nest is going. Truthfully, it’s fine. We’re settling in to our own new routines and keeping plenty busy. That we can listen to our own music and watch our own television programs uninterrupted, in a house that isn’t dotted with every possible variety of teenage detritus is … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Fair Assessment

Flashing back just a year, to the 2013 Greek festival at The Church of the Archangels in Stamford.   Yes, I got Catherine to pull server duty, even though it meant wearing the apron and hat. This is perhaps what her fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Schmidt, used to call a “blackmail picture.” We and many other … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Game of Telephone

Flashback to August 1997. Catherine was 16 months old, all squishy snuggles, full of wonder and curiosity, and already putting an active imagination to work. We were visiting my parents — a special treat for Catherine, especially since it meant a chance to play with Grandpa. Grandpa must have needed to “rest his eyes” for a … Continue reading

Life lessons from the dorm

Catherine is impressing us with her transition to college. Nearly two weeks in at Hofstra U, she’s having some fun, getting her work done, making new friends and figuring things out. She called yesterday — the first time to really have a conversation and not simply ask for something she forgot to pack. She is … Continue reading