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Over the hill, but in our hearts

Happy birthday to my husband, Basil — 57 years young today.

This is how he looked in 1957:

Basil, 18 months.

Readers of this blog know he is a gentle soul, a good sport and basically a simple guy.

You should know he willingly allows me to assail him in this blog, and always with a smile on his face. That alone makes him a keeper, but there is more:

He has a magical ability to make me smile even when I don’t want to. His sense of humor is offbeat, but engaging. Plus, he is generous, rarely angry, never holds a grudge and has enough other winning traits that I can mostly overlook all the ingrained habits that drive me mad. 😉

I am lucky to have him and Catherine is lucky he’s her dad.

He has traditions for most everything, but I must say, I have no idea how we are celebrating today. He has not given us a clue.

As is his cross to bear, having been born so close to Thanksgiving, we will stick a candle in yesterday’s apple pie (just one; 57 might start a fire), but I don’t know what he has in mind for dinner.

All he said last night is, “No more turkey.”

About Terri S. Vanech

Wife, mother, communications specialist, Jazzercise instructor and recently reunited adoptee. I'm living out loud -- and trying to make it all work -- in midlife. Having a sense of humor sure helps.


8 thoughts on “Over the hill, but in our hearts

  1. Happy birthday to Basil, Enjoy the celebration no mater where it takes you!!!

    Posted by Mary | November 24, 2012, 3:07 pm
  2. This is a really sweet post. You paint a picture of a lovely husband. And he is lucky to have you too!

    Posted by Rachel | November 24, 2012, 2:38 pm
  3. I had the same thought, Kathy! He is taller, though. Happy Birthday, Basil. And enjoy whatever it is, other than turkey, you have today!

    Posted by Karen Waggoner | November 23, 2012, 10:22 am
  4. Happy birthday Basil, you haven’t changed since 1957!

    Posted by Kathy | November 23, 2012, 9:01 am

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