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Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Boy


Flashback Friday — Happy (Almost) Birthday, Baby!

Flashback today to Basil’s birthday. Tomorrow, he will be 58. (Yes, I know I’m a day early, but Flashback Saturday lacks alliteration and, besides, around here, folks know he prefers a full monthlong celebration.) This is a great photo. As with all pictures taken before we became so crop-happy, it’s the details that get me: … Continue reading

At Seventeen

Happy, happy birthday to our daughter, Catherine, who turns 17 today. As I watched her walk to the bus stop this morning (yes, I still watch out the kitchen window, every morning), I couldn’t help but remember her first steps, those chunky-monkey thighs wobbling under the effort. Her first ¬†words (Da-Da, naturally. Sigh. But many, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Back to the Future

1972, my sixth birthday. I can taste that cake just by looking at it — it is my standing order year after year. And those crown-shaped candle holders sat on countless birthday cakes in our house .I think they were finally retired sometime ago. The dress, too — I remember loving it, althought today I … Continue reading

Over the hill, but in our hearts

Happy birthday to my husband, Basil — 57 years young today. This is how he looked in 1957: Readers of this blog know he is a gentle soul, a good sport and basically a simple guy. You should know he willingly allows me to assail him in this blog, and always with a smile on … Continue reading