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All a-Twitter

Four months into retirement Basil has discovered a whole new technological landscape, and I’m paying for it. Now that he has time on his hands (wasn’t this supposed to be temporary retirement???), he’s figured a few things out. For example, I no longer have to stand over him and point to where he needs to … Continue reading

Over the hill, but in our hearts

Happy birthday to my husband, Basil — 57 years young today. This is how he looked in 1957: Readers of this blog know he is a gentle soul, a good sport and basically a simple guy. You should know he willingly allows me to assail him in this blog, and always with a smile on … Continue reading

Don’t let the turkey get you down

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving. Are all your annual traditions idling, ready to kick into gear? Most of ours are, but I’ve attempted to short-circuit one and you’d have thought I committed a crime. Every night before Thanksgiving, we have Chinese food. I don’t know why. It is a tradition of Basil’s childhood, one he carried … Continue reading

Full khaki jacket

If you should meet my husband sometime soon, please know that I did not dress him. I know the stupid khaki jacket he’s wearing has seen better days. I know it’s missing a button and that its collar, cuffs and waistband are fraying. I’m well aware that the elbows are no longer khaki despite my best … Continue reading

You got the money, honey…

You might want to rub my husband for luck. Just a few weeks after he stupified me with an unexplained white envelope containing $50 (read about it here), he has won a second football pool. Apparently, the beer drinking has unexpected rewards. You’ll recall that he was so excited over his inaugural win that we … Continue reading