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It’s a thankless job … but someone has to do it

I used to laugh with abandon at Bill Cosby’s parenting routines. These days? Not so much. I’m living them. Remember the bit Cosby would do about his wife being sick in bed and the kids needing breakfast? He took the lazy route, fed them slabs of chocolate cake, and they sung his praises — “Dad … Continue reading

DisneyWorld or bust

I’m so excited! Catherine’s school chorus will travel to DisneyWorld in April for a competition. She’s never been there┬ábefore, and neither have I! Having been raised on Walt’s amazing creations and Sunday evening episodes of “The Wonderful World of Disney,” I’m very eager to go and commune with the stories and attractions that colored my … Continue reading

Switzerland has spoken

We have a┬ákind of running gag in the family. Basil and I squabble over one point or another, then look to Catherine for validation and she solemnly declares, “I am Switzerland.” She’s a pretty smart kid. Last night, however, she broke her silence. Basil offered her full immunity to speak freely. It all started with … Continue reading

Midlife confessions

Before we get to know each other a little more — before you spend even one more minute reading this blog, it’s important that you know something about me: I am embarrassing. There. I said it. It apparently runs in the family. My mom tells a hysterical story (she always tells things better) about the … Continue reading