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Something old, something new

A quick post amid the Saturday morning silence … before the chaos begins. We Vanech girls are each ready for our busy day. (Well, at least I’m out of bed!) Had a blast last night at practice for today’s 70th annual Blue Key/Band Night Celebration in Port Chester, NY, last night. What fun to play again and see so many … Continue reading

Snow Daze

Another day, another snow storm — or at least that’s how it’s starting to feel these days. And yes, another snow day. At the rate we’re going, Catherine will graduate high school after she moves into the dorm at Hofstra. But even high school seniors greet the news of no school with childlike glee. After … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Collegiate Dreamin’

Flashback to fall 1996 and this silly picture of Catherine in an Arizona U sweatshirt that belonged to Basil (I don’t know why; he didn’t go there). The photo seems appropriate given the news this week — four college acceptances so far, including Hofstra, her top choice. When she checked in with someone at the … Continue reading

She will never, not ever, eat a tomato — and my daughter’s other lines in the sand

BLTs for dinner tonight. In this heat, Basil didn’t want to grill and I couldn’t face cooking inside (and well, we are still oven-less). A work-related phone call rendered the bacon a little extra, shall we say … crispy, but no matter. The sandwiches were delicious. Fresh mozzarella and avocado went on mine. Basil took … Continue reading

Goin’ around in circles

Catherine and I hooped it up last night. We went hula hooping in fact. Together. In public. (Did I mention we were together?) What a great time we had at this offbeat fitness class hosted by Jazzercise of Southwestern Connecticut‘s center. Great fun, terrific workout (my abs have been singing all day). In fact, it’s … Continue reading

Going for the gold

We’re going to the Olympics. No, not the “sponsored by Mastercard, so it’s priceless” kind (although my niece is going to those following her study in France this summer and I am a little envious). Nope, we’re going to the GOYA Olympics (that would be Greek Orthodox Youth of America, not the beans): A couple … Continue reading

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true

How lucky I was last night: Basil called as the GHS chorus began its medleys of Disney tunes for the park visitors last night and held the phone up so I could hear, too. Even through the crappy phone connection, they sounded terrific threading their way through the first, a 20-minute series of classics — … Continue reading

I’ve got no strings to hold me down

Day 3: A girl could start to like being on her own. Oh, sure I miss Basil and Catherine, but what a treat to have my own agenda for the day — no place to be, no friends to drive, no predetermined mealtimes, kid-specific errands or shopping requests. I don’t have to stay awake past … Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

Florida will never be the same. Catherine and Basil finally landed late this afternoon. It was a victory of sorts for them both. Basil reports his group of 12 boys is nice and listens. (Fingers crossed that remains the case, and that Catherine’s chaperone is sending a similar message to her spouse.) Catherine overcame her … Continue reading

Can you hear me now?

A lot is made of mother’s guilt, especially working mother’s guilt. Been there, done that. I’ve sobbed in the car after dropping a reluctant toddler at day care — and watching her little face pressed up against the classroom window begging me to stay. (And I’ve returned to said day care and had to convince … Continue reading