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Flashback Friday — This Place is a Zoo

They won’t be lazy, hazy days this year, but finally it’s summer. Why not flash back to simpler times, like this 2000 trip to the Bronx Zoo. Still new homeowners, and having replaced the roof and windows and repaved the driveway, we opted then (as we seem to with increasing frequency now) for a Staycation. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Teddy Bear Picnic

Flashback to spring 1998. This week we’re back at the Mead School Child Care program — the wonderful home away from home where we took Catherine when she was little and where she is now doing her senior internship. Every day this week she’s come home with another crazy story about life with eight toddlers. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Star Power

The 14-month-old who lives next door has been spending weekend afternoons playing in his new kiddie pool. He wears a blue-and-white striped bathing suit and matching hat to splash in. In short, he is too adorable for words. Watching him is better than TV (even “Chopped“!). Naturally every time I see him out there filling … Continue reading

Today and every day, Mom’s not the word

Good morning!. Did you get your morning toast in bed? My sister and I used to make quite a production of Mother’s Day tea and toast on the tray table. Mom ate it every year with gusto. I wonder now exactly what she was thinking! I did not get breakfast in bed today, since — … Continue reading