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Keepin’ it classy on our first campus tour

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it’s true: Tomorrow, we take Catherine to her first college open house. This person: (now this person): is starting to look at colleges. It’s an early look — to a get a lay of the land. Having just started junior year of high school a couple of months … Continue reading

Watching my disappearing act

I’m becoming irrelevant. It began happening years ago, and slowly, but surely, it’s picked up speed. I’m feeling a little like the Cheshire Cat, except instead of watching me dissolve into a grin, you’ll soon find an empty wallet where I used to be. Years ago, the letting go was cause for a mother’s celebration: … Continue reading

Oh crap! I blinked

I’ve always been a little smug about all that unsolicited parenting advice. Everyone warned me — sometimes more than once — that time would speed by, that Catherine would be all grown up before I knew it and I’d better pay attention. Yeah, yeah, I thought. Don’t waste your breath, because I will never miss … Continue reading

She will never, not ever, eat a tomato — and my daughter’s other lines in the sand

BLTs for dinner tonight. In this heat, Basil didn’t want to grill and I couldn’t face cooking inside (and well, we are still oven-less). A work-related phone call rendered the bacon a little extra, shall we say … crispy, but no matter. The sandwiches were delicious. Fresh mozzarella and avocado went on mine. Basil took … Continue reading

Fragile. Handle with care.

It was meant to be a quick trip to the beach. Instead it turned out to be a jaunt down memory lane. By the time we finally peeled ourselves away from yesterday’s to-do list (or actually just threw our hands up and admitted things simply were not going to get done), and bargained with ourselves … Continue reading

I swear I’ll be there for ya’

I got my love of words honestly, it seems, and passed them down the same way. We surprised my parents yesterday with some nice farm-stand tomatoes and basil (the herb, although Basil the husband came along for the ride, too) with which to make a quick summer pasta dish. (Also in tow was a half-batch of … Continue reading

No stopping the insanity

So I overslept this morning — just by about 15 minutes, but it might as well have been three hours for the panic it induced. Am I the only one who feels like the alarm clock is less wake-up call and more starting gun? Scramble out of bed, get eyes open, fumble for the caffeine, … Continue reading

Goin’ around in circles

Catherine and I hooped it up last night. We went hula hooping in fact. Together. In public. (Did I mention we were together?) What a great time we had at this offbeat fitness class hosted by Jazzercise of Southwestern Connecticut‘s center. Great fun, terrific workout (my abs have been singing all day). In fact, it’s … Continue reading

Grocery list includes hearty helping of human nature

Still shaking my head over the behavior of people in the market tonight. It was a usual Friday night free-for-all, bumper carts in the produce aisle, kids begging for things their mothers didn’t want them to have, sale items long gone, bored teen cashiers wishing they were anywhere but there. Well hell, didn’t we all … Continue reading

Going for the gold

We’re going to the Olympics. No, not the “sponsored by Mastercard, so it’s priceless” kind (although my niece is going to those following her study in France this summer and I am a little envious). Nope, we’re going to the GOYA Olympics (that would be Greek Orthodox Youth of America, not the beans): A couple … Continue reading