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Teenagers: They’re loads of fun

Kids say the darndest, cutest things. Teenagers? Not so much. When Catherine was little, helping make the bed meant pulling up “the comfortable”; the time between midnight and 6 am was “the side of night”; she wondered, while helping fold laundry, if my bras were meant for chasing butterflies. These days, some of what comes … Continue reading

And You Wonder Why I’m Pushing on a Rope

There are many thankless things about parenting. We are underappreciated, taken for granted, hidden from the view of peers lest we prove embarrassing. We can lecture on a topic countless times only to be ignored, but if a stranger says the same darn thing, well, it’s genius. And — I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

Don’t bug me

Catherine has always been afraid of spiders. Once when she was 6 or 7, she stole down the stairs in the dead of night, wearing her favorite blue feetie pajamas — the ones with the clouds on them — and woke Basil up. “Daddy,” she said, “there’s a spider in my room.” Of course Basil … Continue reading

Good thing we have our priorities straight

Catherine presented me with a small bottle of Bath & Body Works’ White Citrus body lotion following her recent trip to the mall with Basil. “It’s for you. I think you’ll like it,” she said. And she was right — it has a fresh, summery scent, a nice change from the lavender I’ve been wearing. … Continue reading

Livin’ the dream

Color me suspicious. I just came home from a long day of pushing computer keys, on my way to band practice, pretty much expecting that Catherine would have long forgotten my morning plea to start the load of towels and run them through the drier. You can imagine my shock, then, to find the towels … Continue reading

Small wonders

This picture of Catherine and me was taken in February 1997 — she is 10 months here and I am, yes, still wearing shoulder pads and a hairdo that later grew to Rosanne Rosannadanna width. Those are stories for another day. In addition to being one of my favorites, this picture represents “before,” before she: … Continue reading

At 17, still saying the darndest things

So, I must travel for business next week, a thankfully rare occurrence that nevertheless sends all three of us Vaneches into a bit of a tizzy. Already, I’m starting the lists of chores, appointments, errands, etc., to be completed in my absence. (The first time I did this last year, I got frantic emails demanding … Continue reading

At Seventeen

Happy, happy birthday to our daughter, Catherine, who turns 17 today. As I watched her walk to the bus stop this morning (yes, I still watch out the kitchen window, every morning), I couldn’t help but remember her first steps, those chunky-monkey thighs wobbling under the effort. Her first ¬†words (Da-Da, naturally. Sigh. But many, … Continue reading

No such thing as a free lunch

Catherine is up to something; I just know it. There is no other explanation for her behavior. It’s her winter break and I have worked from home these past two days. And each day, she has laid aside the laptop, emerged from the cave-like comfort of her bedroom and offered to make me lunch. Tuesday, … Continue reading

It was my moment — and she missed it

It took a hurricane, but I finally got Catherine to willingly accompany me to the Jazzercise Center of Southwestern Connecticut, where I teach a couple times a week. Given the choice between a dark, cold house and watching Mom in all her embarrassing glory, the choice was clear — as long as she could rely … Continue reading