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Frank talk about the birds and the bees

Our weekend has been for the birds. Really. Some new neighbors — well, they’re only passing through, I’m sure — showed up in the cork tree outside the kitchen door. Four baby robins hatched a few days ago and are keeping their mom — and us — very busy. We’ve been glued to the nest … Continue reading

Today and every day, Mom’s not the word

Good morning!. Did you get your morning toast in bed? My sister and I used to make quite a production of Mother’s Day tea and toast on the tray table. Mom ate it every year with gusto. I wonder now exactly what she was thinking! I did not get breakfast in bed today, since — … Continue reading

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true

How lucky I was last night: Basil called as the GHS chorus began its medleys of Disney tunes for the park visitors last night and held the phone up so I could hear, too. Even through the crappy phone connection, they sounded terrific threading their way through the first, a 20-minute series of classics — … Continue reading

Jolly Holiday

Ah, Day 4: It has been a cooking, cleaning whirlwind. From the piles on Catherine’s desk, next to her desk and crammed into the bookcase I’ve carted off an armload of teen magazines, last year’s school papers (taken out of the backpack in June and not touched since), and a collection of dried-out lip glosses … Continue reading

Whistle while you work

Day 2, the first full day of freedom, er, long-suffering vigil, as Basil and Catherine travel with the GHS choral groups to compete at DisneyWorld. It has been a good, productive day. Working against the backdrop of hammering and the on-again/off-again hum of a compressor while Catherine’s bedroom gets a face-lift, I was able to … Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

Florida will never be the same. Catherine and Basil finally landed late this afternoon. It was a victory of sorts for them both. Basil reports his group of 12 boys is nice and listens. (Fingers crossed that remains the case, and that Catherine’s chaperone is sending a similar message to her spouse.) Catherine overcame her … Continue reading

The Happiest Place(s) on Earth

So it begins. This morning Basil and Catherine left for the GHS Chorus trip to DisneyWorld. The group will compete tomorrow, sit in on a music workshop with Disney professionals and sing for park visitors on Main Street USA Sunday night. Plus they get to play in the various Disney parks. Followers of this blog … Continue reading

Bunny stuff

(Jelly) bean there, done that. Today is the first of two Easters we’ll celebrate this year: Basil and Catherine are Greek Orthodox and the Orthodox church follows a different calendar. I cling to my Lutheran roots whenever I can. Since she was little, Catherine has loved having two visits from the Easter Bunny, even if … Continue reading

16 Candles in My Heart Will Glow

Oh, there’s just no way to skip the cliches, so I’ll just have at them: How time flies! Where do the years go and how do I now find myself here, the mother of a 16 (16!!!)-year-old daughter? For I know I haven’t aged THAT much. It was just yesterday that I was waking Basil … Continue reading

It’s a thankless job … but someone has to do it

I used to laugh with abandon at Bill Cosby’s parenting routines. These days? Not so much. I’m living them. Remember the bit Cosby would do about his wife being sick in bed and the kids needing breakfast? He took the lazy route, fed them slabs of chocolate cake, and they sung his praises — “Dad … Continue reading

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