midlife madness

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Mama didn’t actually say there’d be days like this … did she?

Forty-three odd years ago, when I was a toddler decorating myself with the costume jewelry my Mimi set aside at her house for this purpose, playing dress-up, fussing with my dolls, hanging clothes on the pint-sized clothesline and making meals with all those plastic “groceries” I had no idea what being a grownup would be … Continue reading

Here’s an offer to sink your teeth into

CVS is so thoughtful: They sent me a coupon for denture cream. I’d love to know which of my purchases triggered that marketing miracle. Was it the Band-Aids? The many vats of shampoo I’ve purchased over the years? The holiday cards, disposable razors or deodorant? That impulsive bag of M&Ms? The feminine care products?! Does … Continue reading

Don’t give me any lip

Things have not measurably improved since Monday’s shoe incident, I’m sorry to report. (Read about that here.) On Tuesday, I could not get my mic to work while teaching my Jazzercise class. Fiddled with the volume, tried a couple changes of battery (no easy task while dancing and queuing the routines), then finally gave up … Continue reading

Seeking refuge in castles made of sand

Determined to hang on to every second of our final few days of freedom, Basil and I high-tailed it to Tod’s Point today, trying to outrun the predicted afternoon storms that so far haven’t come. It’s no Jersey Shore, but the sun, sand and Long Island Sound still soothe and delight. Being a weekday, the … Continue reading

Lessons in stress relief from an unlikely source

I got the biggest kick out of a toddler in church yesterday. She was about 3, dressed in a beautiful ivory dress trimmed with satin ribbons and seed pearls, crinoline underneath so it stuck out just so. An ivory sweater and tights and shiny black Mary Janes completed the ensemble. Her mother had pulled the girl’s … Continue reading

Snow fun

Yesterday was our first snow day of the year — a small storm, but just big enough to bring all activity to a halt  in lower Fairfield County. My Jazzercise class was canceled; lunch with a friend got postponed, and I found my heart singing a bit at the idea that I could spend the … Continue reading

A solemn resolution to go with the flow in 2012

What is your new year’s resolution? I stopped making them a while back. Weight loss and exercise are already in hand, thanks to my good friends at Jazzercise of Southwestern CT; I don’t smoke and rarely drink. And heaven knows that even the most Herculean efforts won’t get me to hold my tongue or suddenly … Continue reading

In praise of the household’s unsung hero

One of the things about having a few days off is the chance to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise, like watch mindless television programs. On the ET-Insider last night, I caught the “11 of 2011” awards and consider myself much better informed now. Among the great minds getting a nod for their contributions to … Continue reading

Reality check in Aisle 10

Basil, Catherine and other folks lucky enough to really KNOW me will confirm that I am not the easiest person to get along with. Patience is not my strongest suit. Oh don’t get me wrong — it’s not all bad. In fact it can be fun and games … until the stress boils over. Then … Continue reading

Fight the madness

My peers and I seem to have become a generation of crazy people. We’re keeping it together with spit and paper clips, trying real hard to smile and wave while we bring home the bacon, fry it up and clean the kitchen up afterward. While we clean and fold the underwear, write out the birthday greetings, … Continue reading