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Maid in Connecticut

Psst. Don’t tell anyone else, but I think I might be magic. I’ve thought about it a long time, and frankly, magic is the only explanation. Yes, I know many think of me as a witch, or something that rhymes with that word, but hear me out. I have an ability no one else in … Continue reading

All roads lead back home

A new house has┬ámoved in across the street. When I went to work on Tuesday, the foundation sat ready, and when I got home, a two-story home was resting atop it. Even though we knew the house was coming, it took the neighborhood by surprise. I watched yesterday morning as motorist after motorist slammed on … Continue reading

Let’s make a deal

Do you clip coupons? I love the thrill of the bargain hunt and after all these years remain committed to a Sunday-evening ritual of clipping and making the week’s grocery list. I love checking the receipt to see what I saved — did I wind up getting the ice cream for free? Or was it … Continue reading

Hunka burnin’ love

Our daughter, Catherine, took this photo of us in Hyannis, MA, in 2007. Today, we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary — 18 years! I will joke that it only feels like 40. Basil will thank me for allowing him to live another 12 months. Sound anything like your marriage? A less patient man would have sent … Continue reading

This pastime beats watching reality TV

Like a lot of people, I harbor several guilty pleasures — huge bowls of mint chip ice cream; music by ABBA and KISS (yes, you read that right), endless episodes of “Chopped” on the Food Network. But perhaps my guiltiest indulgence is people-watching. Do you do this, too? I can’t help it. No matter where … Continue reading

Over the fence and into our hearts

The neighbors have left. No, we didn’t drive them away. They outgrew their post-War Cape, even with its addition. The baby has been a nomad since the day she was born, sneaking in a few winks in a bassinet in the dining room, play room, a sibling’s room. They had to go, and it isn’t … Continue reading

Midlife confessions

Before we get to know each other a little more — before you spend even one more minute reading this blog, it’s important that you know something about me: I am embarrassing. There. I said it. It apparently runs in the family. My mom tells a hysterical story (she always tells things better) about the … Continue reading

Why I’m Pushing on a Rope

Just what the world needs, another blogger, right? But don’t be too quick to close your browser. Let’s get to know each other first. I’m Terri S. Vanech, a Connecticut wife and mother trying to keep my sense of humor while navigating life’s crazy twists and turns. A refugee from the newsroom, I’m crafting a … Continue reading