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Flashback Friday — Coming home

Hard to believe that 17 years ago today, we moved into our house. Given all that has happened in Greenwich, CT, home sales since, it is also laughable we just managed to afford it thanks to a special loan for first-time home buyers and the fact that this was considered an “affordable” area of town. It didn’t hurt that … Continue reading

On the straight and narrow once again

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief — the mower has been replaced. It took a trip to Sears, some research and haggling, but Basil emerged victorious. A brand, spanking new machine, chosen from among the returns whose price was even further reduced thanks to a long sheet of bar codes the clerk … Continue reading

Toeing the lines, one blade of grass at a time

Basil is in mourning. The lawn mower died today. Yes, you read that correctly. It was an occasion that required several text-messages to me at work and an immediate trip to the hardware store. Alas, no proper replacement could be found in the short bit of time he had today, but trust me, he’s a … Continue reading

Cutting through the clutter

So the guest today on my friend, Kristen Rzasa‘s radio show at ftns.co, “A Matter of Balance,” was Julie Stobbe, owner of Mind Over Clutter, who was offering tips on how to get organized. It’s a good idea. If you’re organized — if everything has a place and you know were to find things — … Continue reading

Mulch ado about yard work

Ah, spring — time for a woman’s fancy to turn to … yard work. (You thought I was going to say strappy summer sandals, didn’t you?!) After weeks of activities and celebrations, yesterday finally offered a short window of time to make an earnest start of cleaning the yard. Like just about everything we do … Continue reading

Sick daze

Like every third person I meet, I’m sick. Just a cold or other minor bug, but enough to mess with my schedule. Probably like you, my life is planned down to the millisecond. There is always too much to do and too little time to get it done. Plus a special work project over these … Continue reading

Snow fun

Yesterday was our first snow day of the year — a small storm, but just big enough to bring all activity to a halt  in lower Fairfield County. My Jazzercise class was canceled; lunch with a friend got postponed, and I found my heart singing a bit at the idea that I could spend the … Continue reading

Shedding light on childhood memories

Basil’s birthday is today and to celebrate, Catherine and I gave him something he’s been missing for years: A Humpty Dumpy lamp to replace the one his mom got rid of when Basil was a child. Unfortunately, Basil did not agree with her choice. He’s mourned the loss of that stalwart egg for many decades. Thanks to … Continue reading

Would you like fries with that?

Slow Cooker Korean Beef Soft Tacos. From A Year of Slow Cooking I’m sure other wives and mothers can relate to an ongoing frustration I have: I try to shake up the cuisine here, while keeping it nutritious and easy to make. Like all other good deeds, it never goes unpunished. Tonight was a perfect example: Slow … Continue reading

A butterfly gets her wings

Catherine has highlights. We spent Saturday afternoon at the salon getting her first real grownup hairstyle. By the time the hairdresser was done, Catherine had morphed from teenager to young lady. Basil and I are amazed at what a few finely tuned swipes of color can do. She looks a little older, and the new … Continue reading