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Would you like fries with that?

Slow Cooker Korean Beef Soft Tacos. From A Year of Slow Cooking

I’m sure other wives and mothers can relate to an ongoing frustration I have: I try to shake up the cuisine here, while keeping it nutritious and easy to make. Like all other good deeds, it never goes unpunished.

Tonight was a perfect example: Slow Cooker Shredded Korean Beef Tacos. It was a snap to make at 7:30 this morning — a little of this, a little of that, plug in the slow cooker, turn it to low, walk away and get on with the day. At suppertime, I just had to mix up a little cole slaw and warm the flour tortillas, and we were good to go.

So you can understand why I was less than pleased with the reception this new recipe received at the table.

Basil gave it a jaundiced eye, and before having a taste, asked if it needed barbecue sauce.

Catherine piled some on her plate, while asking, “If it sucks, can we eat something else?”


The two of them then launched into a long diatribe about my “unhealthy obsession” with the slow cooker.

Mind you, I didn’t see either one of them offering to make dinner.

Truth is, I love A Year of Slow Cooking, a wonderful blog written by a woman who IS obsessed with her Crock-Pots (yes, plural). Many tasty new recipes have come from this blog during the past year.

What’s more, using the slow-cooker is a terrific way to fuel my multitasking. Dinner bubbles all day long while I come and go, tending to chores and other activities. It’s ready when we’re ready and I don’t have to resort to another night of pasta or reheated leftovers.

I’d described myself as a fair to middling cook. I favor simple dishes and classic fare, but am always willing to try something new. Over the years, there have been many disasters, including the painstakingly rolled spinach-stuffed chicken breasts for which I neglected to wash the spinach first (chewing sand was, well, a meal-breaker); quick breads whose insides remained raw; overcooked pasta; burned rice; soups that didn’t measure up; chocolate that seized up.

I try not to sweat it too much — worst thing that could happen is a meal is too awful to eat and we have bowls of cereal or Chinese food for dinner.

Tonight I was lucky, though. Basil gave the tacos a “10” and a big thumbs up, and even Catherine, who is quite selective in her dining interests, said the recipe was a keeper.

So glad the peanut gallery approved.

About Terri S. Vanech

Wife, mother, communications specialist, Jazzercise instructor and recently reunited adoptee. I'm living out loud -- and trying to make it all work -- in midlife. Having a sense of humor sure helps.


3 thoughts on “Would you like fries with that?

  1. Thanks Terri! Great post and now I need to check out that “A year of slow cooking” blog! I too have become obsessed with my crockpot! 🙂

    Posted by Jodi | November 16, 2011, 8:35 am
  2. Looks delicious. Love my crock pot. I want the recipe.

    Posted by Jacquelyn | November 14, 2011, 8:15 pm
  3. They sound great to me! Where did you find the recipe? Might have to make these for the gang (Will, Autumn and the girls as well as Bill and whatever stragglers there are at their house).

    Posted by Karen Waggoner | November 13, 2011, 11:24 pm

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