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Tall tale

You never know when your next good laugh might be. I had mine last night, talking with Michele, the Quality Control gal who had watched my yearly Jazzercise evaluation video. It was something of a nail-biter, recording the class, hoping the iPad worked, that I was doing everything I was supposed to, that the set was … Continue reading

Just dance. It’ll be OK.

Who’s dancing with me tonight at Stamford Jazzercise? I’m celebrating the third anniversary of the day I became certified to teach Jazzercise. Many pairs of sneakers later I’m still having the time of my life, even if it’s getting harder and harder to put together just one set of favorite routines. This remains the best avocation I … Continue reading

You can call him Slim

We’ve been dishing up big helpings of healthy living around here — or trying to anyway. I’ve been exercising for ages, but finally Basil and Catherine have gotten on the band wagon, too, both joining a local gym and working out a couple days a week. (I can’t get them to take one of my … Continue reading

(Jazzercise) Center of the Universe

What a special treat to start this weekend dancing in a room packed full of people to celebrate the wonderful community my friend, Kristen, has created in Stamford. Yesterday, the Jazzercise center she dreamed and made reality closed. Next week, we’ll start a new chapter, under the auspices of Lori, one of our instructors who … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — It must be springs!

Catherine, 11, on our then-annual vacation to Cape Cod. A million things to do on the Cape and yet we found ourselves at the Jump On Us! trampoline play site nearly every day. You know I’m going to catch hell for posting this, but having returned from a walk in the neighborhood where it seems … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Fever — The most fun you can have in sneakers

How did you start your day? I got my Saturday moving the same way I do every week — with the 8:30 am class at Jazzercise of Southwestern Connecticut. Two nights a week, I’m in charge of the mic, but on Saturdays, I take my place on the floor with our fabulous customers and take … Continue reading

A lesson for teacher, thanks to Quality Control

Three days post-vacation and it’s like I never took a break. Actually it was like that right from Monday morning. I guess that’s true for most everyone, especially these days when work and play are endlessly intertwined. Any muscles I started to relax are back to their bunched, clenched norm, and my jaw is again … Continue reading

Just Keep Rollin’ With it, Baby

Just like when I was at the newspaper, I can run a followup. So here are two videos shot at last Saturday’s Hip-Hop Holiday Jam with Tim Roberts, a special event run by my good friend Kristen at the Jazzercise Center of Southwestern Connecticut. She brings terrific special events in to complement the cardio, strength … Continue reading

Look Ma! Jazz hands!

I get a strange reaction from people who have known me for a long time when I say I recently became a Jazzercise instructor. Friends who go back as far as King Street Elementary School in Port Chester, NY, remember me — vividly, I’m sure — clinging to the climbing rope a mere two feet … Continue reading