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Flashback Friday — The College Girl

I’ll surely catch hell for this one, but flashback a year ago, to when we were college hunting. This photo was taken while we waited for a table in a restaurant after touring Salem State University in Massachusetts. Catherine is not quite the good sport about these things that Basil is, but no matter. Only … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Collegiate Dreamin’

Flashback to fall 1996 and this silly picture of Catherine in an Arizona U sweatshirt that belonged to Basil (I don’t know why; he didn’t go there). The photo seems appropriate given the news this week — four college acceptances so far, including Hofstra, her top choice. When she checked in with someone at the … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — What. A. Year.

Having a few much-needed days off could be perhaps the best Christmas present of all. Briefly freed from the 5:30 am alarm clock, and the treadmill of tasks and chores, I’ve been able to catch up with friends, take stock and plan ahead, turn the events of the past 12 months over and over in … Continue reading

On her way

The envelope was big, white and emblazoned in red with a 48-point message of congratulations. I couldn’t resist texting Catherine a photo of it — her first college acceptance letter — when I pulled it from the mailbox yesterday morning. Oddly, she of the fast fingers didn’t reply to my message, but rather burst through … Continue reading

Stream of consciousness

At Hofstra U earlier today doing another college look-see. We took a break from the information coming at us at 90 mph; the endless parades of kids and their helicopter parents; and the spectacle of hair dye, tattoos and body piercings for a quick bite to eat in their dining hall. “Look,” I remarked, pointing … Continue reading

Let the college search officially begin!

College kickoff night at Greenwich High last night. We and a bunch of other families with juniors packed ourselves, sardine-like, into the media center, trying to breath through the overheated air perfumed with all manner of lotions, shampoos, cologne and dinner aromas. Before the heat overtook me (seriously board of ed, we could save a … Continue reading

Keepin’ it classy on our first campus tour

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it’s true: Tomorrow, we take Catherine to her first college open house. This person: (now this person): is starting to look at colleges. It’s an early look — to a get a lay of the land. Having just started junior year of high school a couple of months … Continue reading