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Five Years of Fabulous

The nicest gift arrived in the mail this week — a necklace commemorating my five-year anniversary as a Jazzercise instructor. It’s nice, as they say, to be noticed. And as I reflect on five years of plies and chasses, and the wonderful relationships forged on the the dance floor and stoked off it, I can’t help but … Continue reading

Finding my father

Some people celebrate their 50th birthdays by jumping out of airplanes. I belatedly marked mine in a similarly adventurous way, minus the parachute and clouds zooming by: Yesterday, I met my natural father. I’m an adoptee. Three years ago I found my first mother and an extended family that welcomed me with open arms. Still, I had to know the … Continue reading

New book will focus on what it means to be adopted

My adoption blogs put me in touch with thousands of other adoptees who encouraged me to write a book about my journey to find my birth mother. I appreciate those votes of confidence, but instead of writing about me, I have decided to write a book about you – the adoptees I’ve already met and … Continue reading

If we’re ever to get real about adoption, adoptees must be heard

I met Dave, a fellow adoptee, on the phone the other day. He was telling me about himself and his work, and mentioned that while growing up, he always felt like the odd one out in his family. “I’m adopted,” he confided, then explained he doesn’t know how much of his talents and skills to ascribe … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Salute

Lots of Moms to remember today, in the family and among our extended group of good friends. I learn from them, and draw from their strength and example — not just today but every day. Wishing each of them a Happy Mother’s Day.      

Why adoptees search

Adoption search and reunion seems to be everywhere lately, from the reality TV shows of a couple years back; to the Facebook posts of adoptees and first parents desperately trying to find each other; to the big screen, where Judi Dench’s title role portrayal in Philomena, the story of an Irish woman’s search for the … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — What. A. Year.

Having a few much-needed days off could be perhaps the best Christmas present of all. Briefly freed from the 5:30 am alarm clock, and the treadmill of tasks and chores, I’ve been able to catch up with friends, take stock and plan ahead, turn the events of the past 12 months over and over in … Continue reading

For adoptees, it’s all about connections

As a searching adoptee, I faced a lot of questions from well-meaning people who just didn’t get it. “Didn’t you have a good childhood?” “Aren’t your parents your real parents?” “Shouldn’t you just leave it alone?” “Why rock the boat?” As I approach the year anniversary of connecting with Pat, my first mother, many of … Continue reading

A Girl Like Her … and A Girl Like Me

Emotional day yesterday. I traveled to Hartford for the screening of Ann Fessler‘s acclaimed documentary, A Girl Like Her, which chronicles the 1 million+ women who relinquished their babies for adoption in the 1950s and ’60s. Access Connecticut, the grassroots group working to restore the right of adult adoptees born in the state to have … Continue reading

Let’s face it

If I wasn’t already unnaturally fascinated by family resemblances, Ulric Collette’s photographs would have sealed the deal. Collette’s collection of split-screen photos shows just how deep family roots run. The results are striking. Some photos of siblings almost appear to be the same person. The photos of parents and children often seem to be the … Continue reading