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You think there are characters at your office?

Working from home has some great perks, but it can be a little lonely. Fortunately, I have neighbors who try to help in that regard. No, I don’t mean the two strangers who have shown up at my door with offbeat questions (one barged her way in to my living room, looking for a friend … Continue reading

All a-Twitter

Four months into retirement Basil has discovered a whole new technological landscape, and I’m paying for it. Now that he has time on his hands (wasn’t this supposed to be temporary retirement???), he’s figured a few things out. For example, I no longer have to stand over him and point to where he needs to … Continue reading

Time to get real (estate)

Strange things sometimes happen when I work from home. It’s not about the job — without the commute, I actually get more done and feel very smug and productive in my house slippers. Nope, it’s the outside world that causes the strangeness. Most days, it’s just me and the work, sailing along neatly, clickety-clack, down … Continue reading