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Trips down memory lane — and other unlikely vacation spots

When it comes to vacations, I’m an armchair traveler. There is no place like home, with my bed and all my things. I know lots of people thrive on traveling, and I love the idea of experiencing new places (a la my friend, Kristen, who went to China last summer and this week leaves for … Continue reading

Isn’t it romantic?

Only 8:30 and I’m all tucked in for the night. It is yet another Friday night to remember. Catherine is participating in a youth group overnight at our church, so you’d think the mice would play. You’d be wrong, however. I’m here alone talking to you and Basil is grabbing a nightcap. So it is … Continue reading

Switzerland has spoken

We have a┬ákind of running gag in the family. Basil and I squabble over one point or another, then look to Catherine for validation and she solemnly declares, “I am Switzerland.” She’s a pretty smart kid. Last night, however, she broke her silence. Basil offered her full immunity to speak freely. It all started with … Continue reading

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Like a lot of families these days, a big summer vacation wasn’t in the cards this year. We briefly considered dragging the beach chairs into the garage and huddling around the new furnace for a week, but thought better of it in the end. While functional, the appliance just isn’t vacation material. Instead, we had … Continue reading