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Wordless Wednesday — Scenes from a Mall

Flashback Friday — Shopped til I dropped

Flashback to 4 BC (Before Catherine), or 1992 for those of you who like to be specific. Yes, there was life before Catherine, although some days those memories are quite dim. Here we are decked out for the wedding of one of Basil’s former co-workers. The white linen suit, a big favorite of his, is … Continue reading

This Christmas gift sucks

In flagrant violation of my friend, Jacquie’s “no plug” rule, I have an early Christmas gift — a Shark vacuum whose suction mechanism seems designed to pull up dirt from Middle Earth. I wasn’t planning to buy a vacuum, certainly not at this time of year when so many other charges are being rung up … Continue reading

Whatever suits ya

There’s nothing like a little bathing suit shopping to make you feel every minute of your age. Let’s face it: Bathing suit shopping ranks up there with finding the right fit in a bra — but at least a bra stays under wraps. A bathing suit goes on display, after all — along with everything … Continue reading

Grocery list includes hearty helping of human nature

Still shaking my head over the behavior of people in the market tonight. It was a usual Friday night free-for-all, bumper carts in the produce aisle, kids begging for things their mothers didn’t want them to have, sale items long gone, bored teen cashiers wishing they were anywhere but there. Well hell, didn’t we all … Continue reading

A closet full of heart and soles

A friend mentioned last night that she hates shoes. What?! She might as well have said she hates diamonds or pearls, the creamy comfort of mac and cheese or the bracing sip of fresh-squeezed lemonade, lazy summer afternoons or visits from Santa Claus. What woman HATES shoes? (Especially one sporting the black suede flats she … Continue reading

What’s in store this holiday season

Well, I made it through Black Friday without being maced or punched in the nose. By the time I stuck a toe outside to do some shopping, it was well into the afternoon and the rowdiest of crowds had gone back to bed. There are plenty of people who view Black Friday shopping as sport — … Continue reading

Let’s hear it for the girls!

Male readers of this blog: Avert your eyes. I need to talk to the girls about … well … the girls. Saturday afternoon found me shopping for bras in Macy’s. Time, Tide and my new Body by Jazzercise made the excursion necessary. The old undergarments were no longer holding up their end of the bargain and I needed … Continue reading