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Flashback Friday — Put Your Hands Up

Basil’s march through the file cabinet continues, unearthing all manner of things we’ve squirreled away. Some of them — like the receipt for the long-dead vacuum — make us shake our heads. Others elicit smiles (and make me question the logic of Basil’s filing system). Take this, from when Catherine was 6, or so we … Continue reading

Teenagers: They’re loads of fun

Kids say the darndest, cutest things. Teenagers? Not so much. When Catherine was little, helping make the bed meant pulling up “the comfortable”; the time between midnight and 6 am was “the side of night”; she wondered, while helping fold laundry, if my bras were meant for chasing butterflies. These days, some of what comes … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — The Royal Welcome

Given all the hoopla over the arrival this week of little Prince George, how could my Flashback be anything but a baby picture of Catherine? She arrived four days ahead of schedule in April 17 years ago, the only time she’s been early for anything. No throngs of reporters waited outside Greenwich Hospital while we … Continue reading

In the driver’s seat

Today marked Catherine’s first driving lesson with an actual instructor and there were plenty of nerves to go around. She was anxious, too, but did quite well, taking a two-hour tour of lower Fairfield County, up to Westport on I-95, through Norwalk, Darien and Stamford, picking up the Merritt Parkway somewhere along the way. She … Continue reading

Aloha eh?

There is no justice in this world. Remember last spring how Catherine and Basil went to DisneyWorld with the Greenwich High choral groups? Remember how they left me behind on account of how embarrassing I can be?┬áCatherine begged me not to volunteer for chaperone duty, but all but volunteered Basil when the chorus director said … Continue reading

Let the college search officially begin!

College kickoff night at Greenwich High last night. We and a bunch of other families with juniors packed ourselves, sardine-like, into the media center, trying to breath through the overheated air perfumed with all manner of lotions, shampoos, cologne and dinner aromas. Before the heat overtook me (seriously board of ed, we could save a … Continue reading

Keepin’ it classy on our first campus tour

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it’s true: Tomorrow, we take Catherine to her first college open house. This person: (now this person): is starting to look at colleges. It’s an early look — to a get a lay of the land. Having just started junior year of high school a couple of months … Continue reading