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Flashback Friday — Sea changes

Snow. Ice. Bitter cold. We need a bit of summer warmth, so I’m flashing back today to June 2000, when my friend, Jacquie, and I gathered the kids and met up at Mystic Aquarium in upstate Connecticut. It was a great day — being together, seeing the creatures (the beluga whales were a huge hit as I … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — My Funny Valentine

Flashing back today to 1997 and a 10-month-old Catherine showing off the Valentine’s Day frock that Grandma made. Then, as now, she had a mind of her own. Sitting still and smiling for the camera weren’t in the cards. Exploring Mom and Dad’s cushy comforter was much more interesting. Come to think of it, I still … Continue reading

Yes, Catherine, there is a Santa Claus

Several friends with younger children have been on Facebook these past few days, pleading with other parents to help keep the Christmas magic alive. It seems there is another holiday tradition at work: The older kids are spilling the beans at school about Santa, the Myth and Legend.  I don’t remember exactly when I realized … Continue reading

Queen of the mountain

Out for a walk last night, I went in the opposite of my usual direction and spied this: Of course I needed a closer look. It turned out to be a little lean-to made of twigs and branches, just big enough for a child-size Adirondack chair. Perched atop a rock outcropping, it makes a perfect … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Boxed In

Flashback to 1997. Don’t know what you were up to then, but Catherine was elbow-deep in every toy you can imagine … and playing with a white cardboard box. Isn’t it always the way? I stumbled on these photos while looking for something else. They were taken when we still lived in the condo around … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Kindest Cut

Looking for a flashback this morning, I spied this photo, which Basil framed 15 years ago: Catherine’s first haircut. You’d never guess now, seeing her waist-length mane, but she had the barest little fuzz on her head when she was born. It grew so slowly that she was past her second birthday when it became … Continue reading

Small wonders

This picture of Catherine and me was taken in February 1997 — she is 10 months here and I am, yes, still wearing shoulder pads and a hairdo that later grew to Rosanne Rosannadanna width. Those are stories for another day. In addition to being one of my favorites, this picture represents “before,” before she: … Continue reading