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Teenagers: They’re loads of fun

Kids say the darndest, cutest things. Teenagers? Not so much. When Catherine was little, helping make the bed meant pulling up “the comfortable”; the time between midnight and 6 am was “the side of night”; she wondered, while helping fold laundry, if my bras were meant for chasing butterflies. These days, some of what comes … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — It Must be Love

Flashback today to Oct. 1, 1961, my parents’ wedding anniversary. Fifty-two years later, they’re still going strong, having weathered all manner of crazy obstacles life has a way of throwing at us all. When I was small, it was a huge thrill to flip through their wedding album, its black-and-white chronicle somehow exciting and exotic … Continue reading

Shedding light on childhood memories

Basil’s birthday is today and to celebrate, Catherine and I gave him something he’s been missing for years: A Humpty Dumpy lamp to replace the one his mom got rid of when Basil was a child. Unfortunately, Basil did not agree with her choice. He’s mourned the loss of that stalwart egg for many decades. Thanks to … Continue reading

Maid in Connecticut

Psst. Don’t tell anyone else, but I think I might be magic. I’ve thought about it a long time, and frankly, magic is the only explanation. Yes, I know many think of me as a witch, or something that rhymes with that word, but hear me out. I have an ability no one else in … Continue reading

Switzerland has spoken

We have a kind of running gag in the family. Basil and I squabble over one point or another, then look to Catherine for validation and she solemnly declares, “I am Switzerland.” She’s a pretty smart kid. Last night, however, she broke her silence. Basil offered her full immunity to speak freely. It all started with … Continue reading