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Striking a chord with some ties to the past

Those of you who live in Fairfield County and the surrounding area now know we had a little earthquake Friday night. At first I thought maybe it was the universe’s comment on the fact that Basil and I actually left the house for dinner out. Then, when we had those torrential rains and a tornado … Continue reading

Keeping it real — and inside the box

As I type this, Basil is cleaning out the garage. Again. And as usual, in addition to putting all the things back that should have just been returned to their proper homes along the way, he’s stopped to wander through some boxes of stuff he’s been meaning to go through. These boxes are barely held … Continue reading

Pieces on Earth

Add a new catch phrase to Christmas at the Vaneches: TIMMMMMMBER! It was already a crazy day — the end to yet another teeth-clenching, chaotic week that had me way behind the eight ball as the Big Day neared. For the first time I can remember, I am not ready for Christmas. Earlier today, I … Continue reading

Talkin’ turkey

The annual week’s worth of cooking madness is about to begin. I’ve got my spatula ready. How about you? Compared to a lot of folks (like a fellow Jazzercise instructor who’s expecting 40 guests), my turkey madness is pretty tame, a far cry from the annual food orgy I grew up with. When I was … Continue reading

Remembering the difference even one person can make

Last weekend, we remembered MayMarie Conte, an amazing lady who lost her battle with cancer recently, but went out fighting — and determined to keep smiling. The service at Zion Lutheran Church in Stamford was lovely, highlighted by some of the hymns and Bible verses MayMarie loved, and punctuated by emotional remembrances from those whose lives she touched. She … Continue reading

All roads lead back home

A new house has moved in across the street. When I went to work on Tuesday, the foundation sat ready, and when I got home, a two-story home was resting atop it. Even though we knew the house was coming, it took the neighborhood by surprise. I watched yesterday morning as motorist after motorist slammed on … Continue reading